Food safety certification research

People eat food for the day, food for the first. Food safety is about every consumer and is a common concern worldwide. Safeguarding food safety, making people eat healthy and eating safely is the basic commitment and responsibility of governments to the society and the public. All countries will also ensure food safety in the scope of government protection. With the development of industrialization, quality certification has gradually developed as a guarantee of external quality.

Food Safety Certification

Food safety certification means that third parties provide written assurance that food, production processes and services meet the requirements of the regulations in accordance with the relevant regulations or standards. Or certificate. The food safety certification is a product, system or service certification for the safety of food by a certification organization recognized by the national authority. It is a production supervision behavior that combines technical means and legal means. At present, there are dozens of food safety certifications. Can be divided into product certification, system certification and service certification. Product certification is the main type of food safety certification, including pollution-free agricultural product certification, green food certification, organic food certification, good agricultural certification (GAP), food quality (alcohol) certification, etc.; system certification mainly includes hazard analysis and key control Point system certification (HACCP) and food safety management system certification; green market certification for agricultural and sideline products retail and wholesale locations is a typical service certification.

Status and Problems of China’s Food Safety Certification

Since the establishment of China’s Certification and Accreditation Administration in 2001, China’s food safety certification system has been continuously improved from a single product. Certification has been extended to system and service certification, and a unified, open and orderly food safety certification system has been formed. A relatively sound food safety certification system has been established throughout the process from farmland to table. China’s food safety water has improved steadily. The security situation is constantly improving. However, there are still some problems in China’s food safety certification, which need to be resolved.

Insufficient laws, regulations and standards

China has promulgated the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” The People’s Republic of China Product Quality Law and other laws related to food safety, but there is currently no specific food safety certification law. The scope of food safety certification is wide, there is no special legal regulation, and it is easy to have loopholes. In addition, the existing certification-related standards are not updated in time, some have not changed for decades, and the provisions are insufficient, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of current certification.

The certification system is incomplete

China’s certification system is still not complete enough, lacking food certification consulting agencies and training institutions, and applying for certification to enterprises and farmers in science The training and guidance in the production, management, and standardized declarations are seriously inadequate. Because the establishment of China’s food safety certification system is not long, the training of certification personnel is insufficient, resulting in a large gap in professional technology and talents. The certification standards are not well connected with the international standards, and there is still a problem of low international recognition.

Problems after certification

The current food safety certification application is difficult, but the process control after certification has not received due attention. The post-regulatory approach still needs innovation and the intensity still needs to be increased.

Improvement of China’s food safety certification

It is very difficult to rely solely on the government to solve the problems in food safety certification, and it requires a lot of joint efforts. It is necessary to learn from the practical experience of developed countries to improve China’s food safety certification, and gradually form a systematic, complete, complete, independent and scientific food safety certification model. Specifically, it includes the following three aspects: as soon as possible to legislate the special laws and regulations related to food safety certification, refer to the standard system of developed countries, improve and update China’s food safety certification standards as soon as possible, actively integrate with the international standards, and improve international recognition; according to China’s national conditions In response to the independence of the certification body, the operating mechanism, the type of certification, the training of employees, etc., there should be clear and clear planning, improve the food safety certification system, establish a food safety certification system including a complete chain of food recall, traceability, etc.; Investing, forming rapid detection technology, providing strong technical support for certification supervision.