Food Diet at Home: Is Your Friend Really Renewal?

Food Diet at Home: Is Your Friend Really Renewal?

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by Julie Upton

Regular financial exchange among partners – they also have been the main cause of the war. But do you know that many groups fought for food every day? In fact, the issue is brilliant and the fact that ABC in San Francisco urges me to be on the View From Bay to talk about love, marriage, and how to keep peace during eating.

Men and women contradict Mars and Venus about nutrition, which will cause tension and strife in relationships. The genus have different ingredients: For example, men use biological knowledge on females due to the amount of muscle muscle. Disobedience and health care are easier for people, and it is more difficult for women.

When it comes to a long-term relationship and marriage, men are successful there. Studies show that women are getting married when they are married. (Men may have the burden of weight, but all are well.) Many women claim that their wives are upgrading good systems. In one study, more than 70% of females on diet complained that their pneumonia was worn out.

Here are some dietary measures that women have asked me about, and suggestions on how to handle them. If you have this kind of war for a long time and about your food and the food you eat in the ground.

A salad vs steak showdown
The problem: "Mijina says salad, bacon, fry, and something healthy is" the food of the rabbit. "He wants only meat and potato."

The statement: Many people do not have the same nutrients as they are suitable for food, eaters, eaters. The only thing you can do is make a reconciliation. Do not try to get carnivore to be a vegetarian, but use small antigens and choose small bacteria. Connect them with a large salad or a piece of steamed tool. Try a few chores: Serve baked with zucchini sweetened instead of French fries, for example, and try dishes that use beef or turkey instead of fatty fat. (Here are the four perfect free upgrade options under $ 10.)

Sneaky snack sabotage
The problem: "Mijina brings home cookies, chips, glasses, and other food at any time."

The statement: Your parents need to know that your diet does not help you to keep eating good foods, and it can affect your diet. Although you can not tell him about his character, ask him to eat this meal when he is working or for food instead of bringing them home.

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Restrictions directly
The problem: "Mijina told me that she wanted to overcome my diet whenever she could lead me to dinner or give me a chocolate."

The statement: Many of them are happy when a partner is involved in a "home-based" job. (If the person starts to exercise every day, you may wonder why.) Your spouse is afraid of why you want to change your appearance and is afraid not to see him as you are improving the image . New foods and nutritional amenities can make it more pizza and wine going down every day Jumma & # 39; a. Make sure that you love him, that your diet diet does not matter to your relationship, and that your health care can benefit you all.

Potato-potato mode
The problem: "I can not move my husband to do something good!"

The statement: Are you trying to move it, or are you coming as a homeowner? In many cases it may be better to remove yourself from a food or a coach and get a job support. The way a trainer offers him or her a suitable driver such as heart care or new exercise. Men are looking for a challenge (as well as bathing, wardrobe, or body appearance), so prepare the diet and exercise for it that is best suited to work-like running 5K or slim down for ski season.

Dietary diet
The problem: "Since I got married, I got 10 pounds in two years." At that time, I would be threatening 2010! "

The statement: Research shows that men and women have a strong sense of responsibility when they marry, but women are increasing-and during the first two years. It is important, as we feel we are balanced and we can not work very well on the appearance. But even if they're not going to go, it's a serious profit. They should work to care for the responsibilities they once enjoyed; This means you're having nutrient levels, such as eating more than once a week, eating a meal at home, and doing a lot of work instead of doing it.

If you feel like you are struggling with conflicts, consider: While marriage can cause some people to be depressed and distressed about the burden of weight, it can be a great opportunity for health. Transporting food or exercise is easy when you have a partner-and if you have a reason, there is no way to improve yourself and the relationship between you to work on the same goal and become a healthy, too & # 39; happy happiness. Start with setting a good example; You may wonder what you can.