We have a "breakfast breakfast" for breakfast this week this week and we send it to the Food and I wanted to post a book. The part of the baby feeding is love, and my children will walk through these. Healthy, abusive, and unenforceable – it seems like he likes about eating meals that I add here. It's hard to find a cookie or muffin that has both gluten and eggs, but these jobs. Repeat if you do, or tell me what you have changed. I like to see your pictures!

Our son returned to FIVE this week. She felt like a great birthday – at any stage of five they made me a cause for my reason. My mother has always done a lot of birthday and I thought it was fun – I like to feel like the weekends and the weekends to call all the calls. We have summarized Legoland last week, we are in the cousin San Clemente, jumping into the garden, Chuck-e-Cheese with ancestors, a choice of food, a cupcakes, etc. It looks like much because it was 🙂

I feel we are both deep dots about both the baby and the baby both in the last couple of years, and now see Curran as a caretaker close to the wildlife. As we walked in the water, we can now swim. He thinks he is a very emotional, loving and kind person – LOVES his father, accompanied by partners, WHERE LA ONE is the first person who wakes up in the morning with energy, to build things , a collector, remember full details before I thought it was possible ("remember when i brushed a frozen croissant?" … you are one, how can you remember? !!). He thought that clay beads would be faster than collecting and making it one of the most irritating and irritable – for a reasonably pragmatic form of childhood up to the baby – these little things are different.

Curran and we had a difficult time in the age of 2-4 because it was sensitive, and it would touch my self-feeling – both of us in an angry, unstable situation. I thought I was aware of myself that I could not boast my toddler but I did … sometimes, sometimes still. He is very good, and I'm far from him, but I feel like we've grown up in the area. Maybe it's an unaccompanied parent, but a little bit cleaner, and shows the weak points of how kids do not. However, deeper access to him was unique. I used time to wake up, did not want the water to pass, but swimming? Now I want to stop the time! Curran and I stuck in the last four days while looking after me around the house, but he likes it, the construction and the company, so bring it to Legos.

– the

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