Follow-Up Monitoring: Helping Smooth All Repairs

Follow-Up Monitoring: Helping Smooth All Repairs

It's Friday, everyone! This is another story of the Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from Daily Daily Daily. If you have your success story and would like to share with me and Mark Community Daily please contact me. We will continue to publish as long as each of these Exercise to stay. Thank you for reading!

This is a trajectory that comes from a former MDA story, Andy Hnilo. In response to his original story, a number of readers have questioned the Andy's use of healing and the research found that it is suitable for skin repair and rebuilding. He responded in this post on this post. Enjoy, everyone!

After a car accident seven broken fights, the damaged lungs and the "worst broken" private hospital doctor ever seen, my body disappeared and I was not too confident. Anyone, this can be a great experience, but like a 30-year-old actor and performer, my future is uncertain. While it's easy to avoid being killed, the crash of his death has become the latest to be the lasting thing – because of the experience caused by the fire itself. In the end, I started investigating subjects so that I was able to spell my internal and external editions. Throughout the way, I shared everything I learned from the nutrition, natural healing, skin care and how to feel about the mirror of the glass in the rest of the world.

There is a point of recovering from the accident where new events, entertainment and hobbies are concerned about past and future pain. Research and experiment with a variety of therapeutic materials gave me a drama. Although many of my friends have been 'new hobbies & # 39; sometimes crazy sometimes; Do not let that stop me. In addition to the obvious results, I felt a sense of encouragement for research and learning about some studies and things that helped others to heal their feet. It gave me hope and to ensure the psychological power of & # 39; my guitar & # 39;

For those of you who love me, sharing the joy of science, biology and natural heritage, we would like to share some of the most interesting investigations on the subjects that raised the healing properties of my skin after my accident.

Skin Treatment Skin: What my test results are


It came out, the clay was used for various cultural treatments. Although one can quickly scatter someone with clay face, the fact is that there are a number of research studies on the use of thin clay. There are about 2,500 printed articles published in PubMed to distinguish the work of scientific researchers on the effects of this physical work.

For example, Illit and Cholin have things that are not effective in bacterial activity. In fact, the studies found that the natural and subtle natural disadvantages significantly reduce the risk of bacteria, skin inflammation and structure of the common wounds. There is even deeper research into potentially potentially potent clay chemicals, which provide evidence of some anti-bacterial clots can promote the bacteria (bacterial bacterial cataracts) antibiotics. 1.2

Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder may be the most active activity of the mother. If you do not know, Pearl is one of the traditional traditional Chinese (TCM) medicines used for the treatment of various skin diseases and cosmetic skin, often due to antioxidant, protein and minerals.

One study, the pearl powder that has been shown to people has shown a significant increase in total blood deficiency. Experiments have a major increase in antioxidants in glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase) and performance. It was also found that the mite is highly controlled by lipid peroxidation, which is the oxidative oxygen fat in the body. These results include one thing about bone formation, a strong and stimulating factor, making new natural therapeutic treatments for various types of illnesses. For me, this is the kind of information that helps me to understand why the soft powder is made to my smooth and smooth skin. 3


Colostrum is another powerful unit of science specializing in science. In short, it is natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. However, the most expensive part of the colon is the specific developmental growth of insulin such as growth (IGF-1).

With regard to skin care and regeneration, colostrum and IGF-1 content has caused great interest for me. IGF factor 1 (IGF-I) is widely distributed in different cells, including the skin. It comes out, IGF-I was strongly identified in the wounds, where it plays an important role in epidermal and dermal injuries. Repeated studies have shown the effectiveness of IGF-I based on the healing healing, due to the effects of kollagen's fibroblasts in the skin, increased fibroblasts and keratinocytes, and angiogenesis. 4.5 With chemistry production begins to decline, it is important to make skin care precision by choosing the products that contain your skin in the highest task, regardless of age . 6.7

In light of the simple requirements, the cores raise the remodeling of the new skin. I rely heavily on the continuous use of the colostrum and its effects very apparently and very poorly after my accumulation.

Pracaxi / Acai Oil

After the accident, we had the worst gun that destroyed the maxillofacial surgeon in the Cedars Sinai area ever seen. We really had to write a specialist to help us. So you can imagine my wounds received, badly affecting the dignity of my body. Usually, strong wounds represent the same intense rubber. Fortunately, the changes in the shift are changing based on many factors, and the symptoms of asthma, such as the useful oils obtained from pracaxi.

According to the research, the deteriorated oil of the damaged skin has caused considerable improvements in the healing of the wounds and sores. In addition, it was discovered that acai oil, and carefully used diabetic ulcers can significantly improve recovery, to 100%. With my first fear of feet after my accident, and I discovered the natural nature of the recycling capability was a real saving grace. 8 9

Cells & Stem Cells & # 39;

When I said that I wanted to try everything I could recover, I meant. Where I am going to my trip, I came up with research on the use of plant stem cells recovery. Science and the use of stem-stem cells are the excitement of treatment for gingivitis. When you consider your self-esteem, plant cell regrowth methods; It's incredible to think that we can benefit from our cells to help relieve the skin cells. This is the type of cell tissue unit units of cell tissues units of cells in cells.

According to research and experiment, basic cells contain phytohormones with antioxidant effects on the skin. In fact, one study found that plant cells from the plant significantly reduces the droplets in the male phase of the 10th. It has been found that the skin's depth increases 8% after 2 weeks and then increases by 15% 4 weeks later. 11


Vitamin A plays an important role in the work and health of skin skin. Vitamin A is usually found in two types; carotene but retinol. However, using modern technology, we are able to produce genetic-based oil-based oils, which are derived from the famous ball, Alfalfa.

Vitamin A plant with a bit of science behind. Eating from the French, consists of a combination of polysaccharides such as retinol, called galactomannans. This gives an in-vitamin A-vitamin fertilizer because it deals with the same biological symptoms. The best of all is that it has the effect of not knowing the surface of the skin such as Retinol often do so. It can greatly improve the appearance and skin of the skin by significantly reducing the penis and green feet.

In fact, the study found that vitamin A's body production enhances a good layer of natural aging. Glycosaminoglycan delivery; Mucopolysaccharides benefit, increase fattening production, and is likely to be responsible for reducing penalties. In addition, the skin called & # 39; Vitamin A & # 39; the improved herbs improves the skin of the skin, skin damage to the skin and wound. 12


Also known as "Stereo Q10", CoQ10 is a synthesized lipid-soluble-synod synthesized antioxidant, which is essential for energy production. However, like the people of this age, this expensive substance is reduced in the skin of the skin. The pressure of all kinds of species seems to reduce the presence of antioxidants and coQ10 activity. Fortunately, the Q1 treatment and Q10 treatment is very beneficial for respecting Q10.

In the study, the use of Q10 ingredients significantly increased the levels of the specific surface of the skin and even deeper epidermis. The most important was the effect on the skin; The findings have found that the sore throat has improved by reducing radicals and increasing the antioxidant power. In other words, the use of CoQ10 helps improve skin tone of oxidative stress. With regard to the oxidative stress that causes the common skin color of the skin, such as the appearance of spine and strains, as well as the loss of density, the COQ10 application serves to be effective. These are some of the reasons why I'm coQ10 for my Cream My Night and Serum Gold. 13, 14, 15

How will my research work my time?

Equity practice and trial and error, The best thing I've ever come up with is what's the best one, the most effective ingredients I can get from nature with the ultimate and greatest science of cutting. The activity began to be classified into categorized substances based on the specific apple, and then added to various oils that are already going to include essential oils and the appropriate characteristics of the formation and emulsion.

I knew I wanted a sensible feeling all night, nourishing and curing the mite through deeper fluid. I tried several products earlier than I just made it myself, and it would be easier to suck me out of my way to their level of efficiency if they go within minutes. Why is it important for me as a powerful, strong emulsion, so that the feeding areas in the long term target. The absence of hard materials, ingredients for drying. When looking for the best botanicals, I was interested in learning about the content of things like Boli Buckthorn and find out about the small amount of Omega-7 fatty acid.

During the night cream, especially in iron, we reduce the other ingredients such as Beeswax, Cacao Butter and Manuka and then add the cold oil emulsion to create a very strong, healthy nutrition maqaarkayga not apply after they leave the minds of clay. I still have the first stage with a small amount of sticky sticker, all alone K-Factor protects 16 Honey Juice. This competition became the backdrop of the Alitura Night Cream.

As you can see, the skin's stomach is not as tight as it looks – there is a scientifically acceptable evidence that backs up my tummy. Culture can go quickly to a knife or layout is necessary to remember that none of the options really help to protect the appearance of the skin with young people. Using skin-rich skin products in nutrients is important for skin health. 16.17 At this time, you are probably thinking of how to work together. Therefore, without you, we are happy to share your personalized timetable schedule …

Which of the following is similar to the date:

Pearl Cleaning: We started the practice of skin diseases in traditional culture; cleaning. However, I use an unusual cleaner, Pearl cleaner. As we talked about, the private cleaner cleans the skin by protecting the effects of radicalizing radicals.
* Face your face with warm and warm water
* Clean your hands clean, slowly work on the skin
* Wash it
* Let your face dry

Derma Rolling Next is Derma Rolling. Derma's pot is one of the most powerful weapons that I can call "Alitura Glow." This is one of the highest types of mediation in the highest confidentiality. Microneedling, Induction Therapy, is such an effective method for stimulating the skin and rapidly destroying tissues such as acne and acne surgery (exclusions are exclusively the same as microneedling can cause many sores). Small "small" or inflammation of the pain, swelling, which starts healing or recovery of skin layer of skin. It also helps to open the diagrams, allowing one of the medicines in your serum or moisturizing to absorb deeper.

Home use etc. Microneedling has everything you need for measuring the needle. Alumi Dermaroller comes in 25mm, .5 mm, and 1 mm in length and is suitable for use in a safe home. For some medicines several times in 6-8 weeks you will notice a significant change in your skin temperature and bumps as well as the lipid that is more than providing a strong foundation for emotional and jerking strategies.

In addition, in addition, pharmaceuticals can improve the cells of the tablets, the healing tablets, prevents the skin from the skin, reduces the symptoms and helps to improve the skin balance. 19

Mortality: My third step is to follow Derma Rolling with the Mask & Alitura Clay Mask & # 39; As we talked about, the mask is unique and completely reminiscent of the exfoliates, cleansing and recovering the skin by raising the flow of blood. Drug Roller; However, the benefits of "pcs" will be extended to customers!

See this article for full instructions on how to use clay mask.

Alitura Cream Night: We & # 39; Cut & # 39; My Night Cream and Gold Serum before bed. We cover a thin layer of "Serum Gold" all my face, neck and eyes, and then follow the lightweight layer of Cream Night with a tight quenching force, the size of the deeper bones of the skin of my skin which The most important time to do this, while you are in one place for a few hours. Seek and search for renewal, renewal and refrigeration. A good way to start the day you ask me! Enjoy 🙂

For me, in fact, there is really nothing better to get to the mirror. One of the things I can not do is that my journey into the gym actually starts with the college where I was convinced that I took my shirt because of a bad rash. Selling my body, hormone hormone, using substances and sleeping in Berkeley sleeping. It was a little fun and I see a kind of fierce face in my face and her body really looked at me. They made me feel sober. It was then and where I started to realize the problem. We've been a sports fan for Cal, and we need to be as fast as the 1st Pac-10, and I've always hit the back of the three-dimensional diet: 1) Protein 2) Calories 3) Fat . The details of these texts have led me to examine skin and hair. Combining the strong name of the marketing, the famous name of the skin for the better, clean clean substances caused by results and knowledge has increased after the year.

After my accusation that knowledge has grown rapidly since I carefully read and examined the substances and therapeutic bodies to recover. It is said that & # 39; the mother of a caretaker needs & # 39; I can not agree too much. My partner is not just to get my feelings and heal my life, but I have the purpose of keeping the road. To be able to share what I've created for people all over the world that people feel better than what's in the mirror … They give me as a goosebumps as I write them. I am happy.

I want to thank you for the surprise of Mark's Daily Apple, Primal Blueprint, Primal Kitchen, and of course, Mark Sisson, to allow me to share my journey with my travel agent. Thank you for reading. If you are interested in testing products that I can say here, I invite you to use the MDA 20% off of my store.

Best of all,
Andy Hnilo
Director & Founder
Alitura Naturals

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