Flowered tomato sauce with Chickpeas

Flowered tomato sauce with Chickpeas

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I know that the textbooks can be some red flags because of the root, is a complex system with 25+ ingredients. However, you have the opportunity here. To start, you can find a Mexican store that may be selling a home-based cannabis. This is the best place to start. If you can not find it there, make a quick and quick collection like this or this. Or, of course, if you are successful, make a real story.

Bloody Fish


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Mole: If you do not feel you are trying your hand, you can change the sauces. I would advise you to bak roast apple or sweet tasty dessert. The right food for these cakes is actually in everything you do to roast your apple!



All eight salad or vegan lunches, roasted canned apples are full of flavor and easy to make.

Its contents

4 cup chopped dough (about 1 medium in medium heat)

½ cup sauce

2 tablespoons olive oil

½ teaspoons sea salt

½ cup cilantro

1. Lemon bread

1 cloves of garlic

1 ½ cup (or 1 cup) cooked beans, washed and washed

¼ cup pepitas

Juice from 1/2 lemon

Oil, taste


  • Cool the oven up to 425 degrees Fertilizer. Combine the chopped leafy frozen yogurt, oils, and a pinch of salt. Heat, stirring occasionally, until it is dry; 30 minutes or so.
  • Although the editor is wet, attach the bag to the trim and add the lemon and garlic. Hold until they mix thoroughly and flush it.
  • When the apple is soft, remove the oven and mix it with optional, pepitas, cilantro, and lemon juice. Taste and refresh salt salt. Use warm or cold.


Tips & Devices: As mentioned, search for a homeowner in the Mexican food shop. If you can not find it there, make a quick and quick collection like this or this. Or, of course, if you are successful, make a real story.

Use External Substances: apple, pepitas, cilantro


  • Dimensions: 1/4 of the total
  • Calories: 245
  • Sugar: 7.1
  • Sodium: 588
  • Fatty: 12.9
  • Renewed fattening: 2
  • Carbohydrates: 25.6
  • Fiber: 7.9
  • Food: 10.5
  • Cholesterol: 0

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