Flight Weight? Drinking Water

Flight Weight? Drinking Water


By Denise Mann

MONDAY, August 23 (Health.com) – Keeping nuts and washing. A new survey shows that there are steps that can be used for the loss of loss from your spouse.

Eight-eight glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner while death penalty can help you lose weight and keep it at least once a year, according to the study presented today. at the annual annual US Chemical Society, in Boston.

He said Brenda Davy, PhD, researcher and nutritionist professor at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, said, "As part of the skills and reducing calorie, much water can help." .

Long-term consumers recommend drinking water as a way to give money, but little research has been done to confirm this wisdom, researchers say. Even though, the Davy study became the first non-originally experimental test for studying the "download" effect with water before eating. Related links:

The study includes 48 men and women aged 55 and 75 who consume low-calories (1,200 calories per day for 1,500 women and calories per day). Half people ordered them to drink 16 liters of water in a small hot-water bottle before meals.

After three months, those who drank were about 15.5 pounds, compared to just 11 pounds in the study team, according to the study, which began earlier this year in the journals. Kiba.

And loss of weight appears to be permanent, new data appears. After a year of this system, drinkers paid more than 1.5 million pounds, while those who did not have enough water before food received about 2 pounds, said Davy. (Unlike the published information Kiba, the presentations presented today are not well-known to some experts in the field, as most medical materials need.)

Davy and his colleagues are not sure why drinking water before meals improves weight loss, but the main reason is that it helps to get pregnant, causing you to be hungry and impossible.

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Additionally, excessive drinking may affect you from soda and other calorie foods. (The search contains clean, non-liquid water, pictures, or nutrients). Even when drinking water before eating can have a positive effect on the fact that you are trying to lose weight, researchers recommend.

Drinking water is the risk of losing weight, especially if it takes place in other water calories, says Stephen Cook, MD, professor at the Rochester Medical Center, N.Y.

"This is a simple way to replace these calories, and if everything is right, it will slow down your money or change it," said Dr. Cook, who did not participate in a new search. "It is one of the most trustworthy things we can offer to help people lose weight."

Davy says people who are trying to lose weight should bring a clean bottle of water to drink and drink from it during the day. "Try two cups of water for 20 minutes before every good meal," she said.

While human needs vary, the Institute of Medicine recommends that men and women try to consume about 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters of water a day, including water obtained in food and other drinks.

The US Department of State for the United States is a team of experts and professionals who, in 1937, have been awarded by scientists and legislators.