Finding Your Food: When, Why and How

Finding Your Food: When, Why and How

There was a time when diet tracking was treated as a given, an essential tool for anyone who wants to lose weight or be healthier. Fortunately, there is a lot of confusion about that conversation right now. The fact is, tracking your diet can be a useful exercise in getting more insight into what you put into your body. It can also be a great effort to absorb all the joy of eating.

If you want to invest time – and it is can you are wasting time if you add different types of food to your diet – make sure it is not waste.

You Want To Follow Your Food If …

  • You have a goal where you beat gasoline and / or calorie intake is important. This includes cutting before a bodybuilding competition, starting a ketogenic diet, or even losing weight.
  • You are doing a trial. You may want to see how your hunger changes when you eat more protein and less fat, or if your sleep is better if you put together a total of 39 & # 39; s doses. You may try a month of solid carnivore and plan to keep up with your diet.
  • You suspect you are not eating the right amount. If you lose weight, your total calorie intake may be higher than planned. On the flip side, if you are an athlete whose performance and recovery has doubled lately, you may be eating less. Some people find that keto overdoes their appetite to the point where they need to eat deliberately. However, you cannot make the necessary adjustments unless you know how much you are spending on a normal day.

You Do Not Need to Follow Your Diet If…

  • You feel good and you don't want to change anything. If it doesn't break, don't fix it.
  • You stick to the same basic foods most of the time. Even if you are trying to manage your macros, if you are a habit animal, you may look like an escape & # 39; Once you know the nutritional information of your regular foods, there is no reason to post them on the gourmet food scene.
  • You have been suspended for a while. You have a good idea of ​​how to keep your pet down and stay in ketosis, and / or the presence of ketosis 24/7 is not important to you.
  • You just don't want it. Your desire to eat meaningfully is more than what you would like to control in your diet.


  • It triggers unhealthy eating behaviors or stress, or else it affects your mental and emotional well-being.

Can Food Search Be Trustworthy?

Always there will be some errors in tracking food. Aside from the measurement errors at your end (we will reach within a minute), there are some natural differences in the diet. One rib is stronger than the next. This apple contains a lot of water. This cabbage is grown in nutrient-rich soils.

The FDA allows up to 20% error in packaging food labels. This means that any information you receive from the package may be incorrect by 20% on both sides. Also, iIf you are eating at restaurants and relying on the nutrition information they provide, consider it a bad measure. Depending on how the food is prepared and the size of the unit you are served, your special diet may vary a little or much.

All of this means that looking for food is not the right science. That doesn't mean it's useless – it can still be helpful for the reasons I mentioned above. However, there is no point in worrying if you set your daily goals of 25 calories or 7 grams of fat. You should view the tracking as useful but inaccurate in data collection. Do not make it pointless to reach yourself sad or anxious.

How to Find the Right Top

That said, there are steps you can take to improve the accuracy of your tracking:

Weight, Don't Cabin

If you are interested in accuracy, invest in a meal size. While the (mL) works for liquid measurements like salad dressings, the weight is very accurate with proteins, fruits and vegetables, fruits and veggies, and legumes.

Foods weigh in Milk

This is true even if you want to cook it. When you enter your feed path, make sure you choose the entry of raw materials (for example, "Celery, raw" instead of "Celery, cooked").

Do not use Previous Tracks

For example, if you make a cream pot, simply select the “Chili” entry in the food tracking program. Your type of chili may vary slightly from what is considered & # 39; average & # 39; chili used by the app.

Most tracking programs allow you to access commonly used foods, which is helpful for meals you will do again. Also, you can enter items separately into your daily diet book.

If you are cooking large batches of different foods, the best way to figure out exactly what you ate is to weigh the last item and then weigh your portion. In the example of chili, you will create the classic & # 39; chili food & # 39; and access all its contents. After cooking, weigh the whole batch, then weigh your portion. If you make 800 grams of chili and eat 150 grams, you eat 18.75% of the stove.

If this sounds like a lot of work, you're right. The search for food is very easy if you prepare snacks: protein, vegetables, add healthy fats. It can be a great experience for people like us to try the kitchen and prepare a very detailed meal.

Searching for Queries

What is the Best Application?

There are many options here. I personally love and recommend Cronometer. The free version and desktop version has everything you need, but there is also a more expensive version. The incoming content is all based on that Official food database, so it's just as good as you can get, and it gives you beautiful nutrition information. You can write a specific target and add it to your diet as usual.

Adults can also prefer a Cronometer because, unlike many food search programs, I don't think you are trying to be a keto or even a pet. If you it is keto, Carb Manager and KetoDiet App are two popular options. Personally, I do not like that Carb Manager evaluates the diet based on what is considered to be keto. My favorite Japanese sweet potato gets an F-no thank you (even if I don't eat a large portion of keto). I have never tried the KetoDiet App because it costs $ 8.99, while my Cronometer is free and gives me everything I need. If you have tried, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Whichever app you choose, do not assume that the best macro placement is right for you. Many keto programs will cut the size of your whip by 20 to 25 grams, for example, where it is. Ket Reset Foods recommends from 50 grams total. (This usually works at 30 to 35 grams on my screen.) Calories may not fit your activity level. Or relax macros or usually ignore or app when they say you missed the amount of calories or a whip or anything.

How do I track fat?

It is not possible to know how much fat you cook in the pan when you store your fruits or how much oil is absorbed in the chicken fry. Since most people are more concerned about eating too few calories than those that are too small, the best way to maintain them is to include all the cooking fat in your diet diary when you cut or go. bake (like, assume you are all done). When frying, the best answer is to weigh your cooking oil before and after frying to estimate how much it is absorbed. Neither of them will be right, but it is the best thing you can do, so don't insist.

Is There a Time / Method to Search?

How and when to search for your food depends on why you search in the first place. If you are trying to get a negative view of how you are eating right now, I recommend storing food on paper for several days, then log in to get a program to get nutrition information. Being dragged makes us think about what we eat. This is generally a good thing, but if you are trying to get an accurate picture, you do not want to change the way you eat based on data.

If you are trying to control what you eat, it is best to go into your diet before you are eating. This will keep you from accidentally eating more or less than you want, and will help you balance your macros according to your goals.

Whatever you do, document the diet when you weigh / drink / eat. Don't think you will remember exactly what you ate earlier today, much less than yesterday or the day before. You will not be.

But Ha road To Follow My Diet If I Keto?

Never have to track your diet. However, if you are serious about being in ketosis, I recommend that you look for your diet for at least a week or two at the beginning just to make sure you are on track. Most people do not know how many carbs are in the diet, so it can be easy to cross your border. Elektarooniggaaga management is also important. Tools such as the Cronometer will show you how much sodium, potassium, and magnesium you get in your diet to help you recover properly.

Am I Just Lazy Track?

In fact, you can estimate the size of a portion of the eye in size and drink it in a cup of broccoli instead of a meal size. It is not particularly accurate. As you understand that, go ahead. Me I won't bother taking the time to follow this level (im) accuracy though.

Thanks for reading today, everyone. If you track your diet, what impression or benefits did you receive? Which program do you prefer and why? Let us know below.

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