Fighting the Flu Treatment: 6 Foods Complex System Procedures

Fighting the Flu Treatment: 6 Foods Complex System Procedures

Depression is in the air for pumpkins, knit shoes and autumn leaves. The problem is here. But it is cold and cold.

We all heard tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Wash your hands, do not share food or drink, and do not touch your face.

But do you know what to put in the right things, too? This is true: When it comes to seasonal flu and seasonal flu, real food can be your secret weapon.

The Academy, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. In addition to the adequate amount of healthy fatty foods and proteins may also help prevent colds.

To stimulate nutrient resistance to diarrhea, we have listed six foods to find this winter to make sure you get important nutrients:

1. Egg
Ukuntu is a nutritious and easy-to-use device to add to your lifestyle. They are soft and full of proteins, and proteins are important for the formation of bacterial and antidepressant viruses, "said Wesley Delbridge, R.D., spokesman for Nutrition & Food.

And does not stop there. Eggplant is one of the vitamins in vitamin D. Research shows that vitamin D supplementes the body's immune system, muscle work, heart health, brain development and nature.

Can not combine dozens of tablets on Sunday. Put your bags very lightly in the morning, or saline oil on your salad. One major egg is one PowerFuel for those behind the Nutrisystem program.

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2. Citrus Vegetable
Citrus foods contain one of the best known antioxidants, vitamin C. Vitamin C protects you from infection by increasing your immune system and protecting your immune system. Research has not confirmed that vitamin C can prevent the flu, but recent studies suggest that using vitamin C may reduce the duration and severity.

Use all types of citrus fruits to reduce added sugar (be careful instead of orange juice). All fruits contain fiber strands that will make you feel longer.

The choices are colorful. Two medium shampoo or mandarin moles, a medium size medium or porcelain or pink cup are suitable for the Nutrisystem program. Any one SmartCarb; The density of nutrients with low and moderate dose in the Glycemic Index.

3. Milk
Listen to your stomach. It holds the key to avoid looga fever and chills when the snow comes. Your disease includes good and bad bacteria, and is responsible for more than digestion. It represents 50 percent of the body's response. The bacterium strengthens its immunity and reduces cold temperatures, protecting your health and the nature of the war if the flu comes to your doorstep.

Choosing yogurt with live and active cultures will improve the health of the bowel through a powerful probiotic. Greek milk is also working well and adds some of the extra proteins that keep you full, longer Choose a sofa and add fresh fruit to limit the added sugar. One of the glasses of nonfat yogurt is one Powerfuel on the Nutrisystem program.

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4. Hot fruit
Tree seeds may be small, but they are strong. It depends on two fingers of vitamin E and zinc. Vitamin E is fighting against unpaid radicals around your body that weakens the immune system that makes you very vulnerable to flu and flu.

Zinc is rarely reported, but very important for your health. Zinc has the ability to work as an antioxidant and also protects the free radicals of cell damage. In 2013, researchers found that sexuality protects the immune system from excessive swelling. This gives us clear view of why Zinc reduces the severity and severity of our flu.

Zinc is usually found in self-help catering, but it is best to eat in zinc's diet pattern. Zinc can often have an unhealthy health effect, so do not be too many. Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN Nutrition Nutrition is recommended to include the sunflowers of sunflower salad or rice both for both zinc and vitamin E.

5. sweet potatoes
Bone-free potatoes are popular in recent years. Potato potatoes, potatoes, chips and pasta are found in food and catering restaurants.

This is good news about winter and seasonal flu, this means a little sweet and full of vitamin A, a fatty protein that helps fight infection. One medium-sized mushroom provides more than one-day vitamin supplements.

It's amazing that most germs enter your body through the eyes, nose and throat. Vitamin A helps to maintain open and healthy mucosal mucosa, helping to fight before the winter. Because most vitamins are mixed, vitamin A is not just the germs that prevent them from entering your body but increase the body's responses if they do it.

The half-size version calculates one SmartCarb program on the Nutrisystem program.

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6. Tea
So far since 2003, studies have proven the impact of tea defense. Researchers believe that tea can prevent infection by following the defense system of potential attacks.

A 2011 study by UNICEF on the treatment and therapeutic suggestion that green tea protects healthcare workers from getting the flu. Popular subjects? Catechins, antioxidants found in green tea. As an extra bonus, the fish are proven to fight against prostate, colorectal and breast cancer.

Chamomile coffee is considered to be a herb protector. The Agricultural Food Research published a 2005 study on the recommendation of the stimulating aulter stimulates the movement of the bacterium when the participants eat five times a day.

It is not a free meal for those in the Nutrisystem program. Add a lemon juice with mashed potatoes, peaches, cats or snacks to treat warmly. Caffeine addiction Birds of natural herbs are natural caffeine.