Few calories are not suitable

Few calories are not suitable

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By Denise Mann

UNITED KINGDOM, July 9, 2009 (Health.com) – Drinking daily calorie and 30% can cause anxiety over old age, has a positive effect on the brain, and generates longer life, over the next 20 years. biological studies published in the magazine Science.

The study confirmed the well-known issues of some in, including, mice, worms, and insects. And it is not surprising to people who take responsibility for animal research in their heart and to make cacaine restricted as a long-term, healthy way of life.

Brian M. Delaney consumes 20% of calories as most people have grown since 1992. "The new findings prove everything we've seen," said Delaney, the teacher The Longevity Diet and head of the Calories Caretaker Protection Company, with over 2,000 members in 2007 and thousands of listings. "It also adds more information about memory change."

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In the study of 76 monkeys (species associated with humans), only 13 percent of calories have died during 20 years, compared to 37% of the monkeys allowed to eat their diet. regular. (Beginning with exploration with 30 monkeys: increased by 46 in 1994.)

In the first study, researchers have assessed the number of monkeys eating and cutting down 10 percent of monthly lunar months in calorie-restriction. Other monkeys are allowed to eat as they like.

Acne calories are stored in areas that comprise the power of the car, the memory, and the solution.

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"The latest study shows calories restricted in human relationships," said scientist Ricki Colman, PhD, scientist at the Wisconsin mosque in Madison. "Patients in calorie-restriction are most likely to be healthy, for a long time." The oldest study is now 29. This species has a average average of 27 minutes when it is taken into slavery.

"We do not know about how long, but monkeys in the calorie-restriction system are not immune to the effects of childbirth and mental brain, which are associated with enhanced mental health," Colman said. Related links:

Bread in two groups eating good food. "We study calories, not nutrition," said Colman, who did not follow this type of diet. The dietary diet includes 15% protein and 10% fat and vitamins are provided.

As a calorie diet consultant, Delaney says he is not hungry, despite the condition he has in calorie.

He ate supper breakfast with a large bowl of soft trees and fruit, fried milk, yogurt butterflies, and coffee cup. Delaney accepts breakfast at 900 or more calories than most people spend in the morning, but then serves lunch, works eight or nine, and eats a diet diet. Its total diet is under 2 calories a day. (A large girl uses 2,618 calories a day, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Disease Control.)

As a result, Delaney could be longer and more healthier than his brothers who had spent more calories. Studies in mice, worms, and insects indicate that such a diet-which has no nutrients or any exercise for starvation-is the result of longer life, infections, heart disease, and infections. other related diseases with aging.

Just as the amount of calorie-restriction helps eliminate the effects of birth-related diseases and not knowing, but powerful calories can help people lose weight or maintain healthy health. Obesity is a major risk to most diseases. Eating good nutrition can lead to significant physiologic changes, which can minimize the risk of disease.

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However, not all agree that such a good calorie is good and good. Keri Gans, RD, a nutritionist in New York and an American restaurant spokesman, is concerned about the short and long-term reductions in calories.

"If you go far away, it can lead to many problems such as anxiety and stress in a short time," she said. "In the long run, diet malnutrition, decreasing infections, and osteoporosis, and the inequality of the human body that can lead to infertility.

"Once you have started to stop the calories, there is no guarantee of getting enough food unless you follow the pattern of a dietary diet," she said. "The low cost of energy that you consume is much harder to ensure that your diet includes food that provides nutrients."

Although Delaney is a believer, he believes that calories are restricted to anyone. "If you are pregnant or old, it is not clear that you can have a lot of opportunities, and it may be dangerous," he said.

It also highlights that eating calorie foods for people means different things for different people.

"Not every number, it's a target," he said. "Cutting daily calories by 5 percent is easy from restriction of calories, and according to studies in animals and some in humans, you will get some benefits," he said. Some may limit calories by 20%, he said.

"There is no real magic code," Delaney said. His advice? Do not forget the amount of calories, determine what you are eating, go to your doctor for fast glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. "Reduce the amount of calories a little over a few months, then go back to the doctor and check if your numbers are improving," he said.

If your contacts have improved, then it means you may be old at a certain amount of money, he said. High cholesterol, blood sugar, and diabetes are all linked to heart disease and death soon.

Malena Perdomo, RD, a United States spokesman and a food chef in Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Denver, said the new study was not a drink. "We have seen such a result in mice and we know that by taking care of the weight of the body, we have a good health effect," she said.

Minimum statistics and reductions of calories are the disadvantage of the disadvantage, but the calories restriction should be taken lightly, and it suggests. "The first step is to eliminate the fatty oil, sugar content in the diet, and to maintain the proper diet and to ensure that there are good trees, vegetables, and all grains. , much cheaper, and fattened meat in the diet. "

Delaney admits – these good foods are the calories restaurants.

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