Feng Shui knowledge is a small thing in life

Feng Shui knowledge is a small thing in life

(Source: WONG Culture /Author: Lin Shiyu) living room should not be dark, unfavorable Lucky; floor should not be rugged, otherwise fortune will be ups and downs; the tank should not be too large;

Feng Shui knowledge is a little life

The living room is not suitable for hanging beasts: such as dragons, tigers, leopards, hawks, foxes, bears, etc., it is easy to make the family’s health fortune damaged;

Not suitable Fake flowers and fake grasses are placed in the house, affecting love marriage and wealth; bedside should not be equipped with mirrors, affecting health.

The living room and the entrance are yang, the lights in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the light throughout the living room.

The bedroom is yin and the light in the bedroom should be soft. The children’s room should evoke the child’s imagination from the unique shape and lighting.

The kitchen is a fire, it should be cold white light, the bathroom is water, it is best to use warm light to adjust the yellow light. The balcony is gold and has a bright outdoor light wall lamp.

The total number of fish purchased must be singular; there must be a dark black fish in a tank of fish to stabilize the fortune;

The number of fish raised is recommended to raise seven; if the fish tank is squatting Walls and walls can be attached to photos such as waterfalls and the sea. It symbolizes that the source of income is endless and difficult to measure; the fish tank needs to be placed in the shadows, away from direct sunlight.

Normally open windows: increase the sun; point light: the home often turns on the lights to enhance the light, especially at the 10th – 12th hour of the first and fifteenth night of the month, at home for 2 hours

Adjust the color: use warm colors and positive colors when decorating the house; invite friends to the house to gather together: increase the popularity and increase the masculinity of Feng Shui; clean and clean the corners in time.

Do not place large mirrors on the bedside. At the same time, indoor plants should use large leaves and broadleaf values. It is not advisable to use small leaves, small flowers and grasses. This means that trivial matters will affect feelings.

The bed should not be placed with flowers, it is easy to have an affair, which is detrimental to the marital relationship. Lying in the bed too close to the window, easily lead to the red apricots out of the wall, and easy to cause dreams affect sleep.

Fugui Bamboo Living Room: The variety of living room should be Fuguizhu, Fortune, Penglaisong, Qiyelian, Fortune Tree, Money Tree, Lucky Tree, Clivia, Orchid, Cyclamen, Orange, etc. . These flowers contain good luck and good fortune. Rich bamboo is also known as Wannian bamboo. Its leaves are thick green, growing and growing. Generally used for family bottle insertion or potted maintenance.

Traffic accidents are caused by the engagement of Jinmu, so there should not be too many items belonging to gold or wood in the trunk. The gold is the hardware, the sounding objects, white, gold and so on. Wood is wood, paper, green, etc. It is water that can break the battle of Jinmu! Therefore, water, cold air, black, and blue should be placed in the car.

The lips are thick and the lips are cool. The mouth is bold and the mouth is small and conservative. Lip color is rosy, black and purple is bogey. White is cold and blush is dry.

There is a food and drink on the mouth. Lips and long lips will help people cover up mistakes, sons and daughters. The lips are small and wrinkled, and they are solitary in their old age. The sharp mouth, like a blow of fire, speaks bad words, hates and hates, and avoids it.

There should be a solid wall behind the sofa, not a door or window or a passage. This kind of pattern is called no backing, the sofa is not reliable, and psychologically there will be a lack of security. It is difficult to be busy in the wind and water. Wang Cai.

Do not cross the door with the door. Do not have a beam top on top. The sofa should be bent and not straight, and there should be no spotlights on the top. In addition, there should be no mirrors on the front and rear of the sofa, which is not conducive to the health of the house.

Garbage in front of the door, garbage at the door is also a layout of money. The small name of the church (that is, the door to the porch position) shoes indiscriminately – respiratory infections, the soles of the soil are covered with a myriad of bacteria, if placed everywhere, it is equivalent to lead the bacteria into the room.

The air is not circulating – emotional, respiratory infections. The stove is not clean – the spleen and stomach. Stacking debris under the bed – affecting sleep.

The location of the entrance is messy, full of debris, shoes, other people will be emotionally disturbed, affecting interpersonal relationships and relationships; and the shoe cabinet should be sealed with the door as the first choice;

The gate is the gas level, which is equivalent to the mouth of the person. The so-called disease is from the mouth. In this case, it is easy to have a dispute with others, and Jiankang is susceptible to mouth sores.

Be sure to check in before noon; By the five fruits, the five fruits refer to pineapples, citrus, pears, dates, and apples, which represent Wang, Gan, Lai, Zao and Ping. Can develop good fortune and bring success opportunities;

All lights will be brightened three days before check-in, for three days and three nights until the day of check-in, which can increase yang and increase wealth; often Invite relatives and friends to gather and gather together.

The living room is best to avoid seeing all the room doors. In addition to the poor privacy, it will also give people a feeling of opening a door, letting people have a straightforward Huanglong meaning.

The entrance gate should also avoid direct access to the back door. It is like money coming in from the front to the back door. It can’t accumulate wealth. The walkway should avoid straight or horizontal, and pass through the room.

The table cannot be facing the door. If it is really unavoidable, it can be blocked by the screen.