Federal Court has spent $ 600M of Cuomo

Federal Court has spent $ 600M of Cuomo

A federal judge today launches a New York law that aims to raise $ 600 million from the local taxpayers to pay for medical compensation.

Opioid's law, which is implemented in July 1, provides funding to support patients who rely on equipment and prevent new bacteria. This month, the Healthcare Corporation represents drugs distributors, accusing the state of the fact that the law does not endorse you.

In September, the Association of Internal Medicine Association – the drug-based drug company-and Mallinckrodt of Dublin, filed a complaint, requesting a directive on the availability of drugs and distributors for distribution to the owners. purchase.

U.S. District Court Judge, Katherine Polk Failla, has been ruling in the industry.

"While worrying about OSA's concerns, they are sure," said Polk Failla, "a way that work is being paid from professional work. [sic] and distributors to address this crisis violated the US Constitutional Code. "

The judge also said, "OSA is not a tax, but it is a judgment on the experts and opioid distributors.

Shari & ar, which will be called, overcame Cuomo's efforts to force Big Pharma to deal with hundreds of millions of dollars in order to reduce the number of people's deaths from drugs.

He said, "It has been donated by modern companies, literally and by signs." The unprotected distributors created a total of 400 billion potential vendors, and they are very blind to what they have done, "Cuomo said in his state state of January." We will paying them for things that are unlawful. "

The payment should be paid within six years by tax on the number "in" morigine milligram "which was sold or distributed in New York each year.

SpecGx, one of the suspects, said the price required on some of the methods that would be sold would exceed the price of a charged mortgage store. He is responsible for nearly $ 1.3 million in the state for 2018.

Polk Failla said New York's law-making policy was "relevant" but used "non-essential" ways to raise money.

"New York City has access to public health, and no resident can make a deal," she said. "In addition, the possibility that OSA can reduce the number of patients to sick patients for those who need and use it for people".

"Federal the judge killed Cuomo & # 39; s $ 600M opioid taxes" he was originally print by Crain's New York Business.