FDA is close to the deloxone available on the counter

FDA is close to the deloxone available on the counter

Food and Drug Administration sets the table for the purchase of naloxone drugs, which may be able to access the drug.

The Thursday Commission announced changes to the label of naloxone which could allow small use as a bachelor's nose and as an injector exercise. "Naloxone is a drug drug to help reduce the mortality rates of children," said the FDA commissioner. Scott Gottlieb in a statement. "The increase in most naloxone for immediate urgent overdoses is an important factor – a way to improve the use of naloxone is to provide it for sale on the market."

Naloxone is an essential tool for reducing the number of drugs that have infected the disease in recent years because of opioid's disease.

In 2017, about 48,000 people were killed in deaths including drugs and patients, but more than half the death rate of more than 72,000 died this year.

Most cities and states have set up anti-naloxone warnings in recent years to allow anyone to buy it at the pharmacy, while the first respondents, including & # 39; police wear clothes.

And most healthcare providers have established policies that call on doctors to provide naloxone paper every time they organize opioids.

More than 191 million naira were recorded in 2017, according to Centers for Disease Control and Disease Control.

Increasing leloxone needs have resulted in failure, resulting in complaints about drug pricing. A study published in November in the journal Addictive Behaviors has further demanded, drug use, and drug-based drug production to contribute to the increase in prices from 244% to 3.797% from 2006 to 2017. .