Facts about Drugs

Facts about Drugs

You do not get a "diet meal" along with other illnesses in any psychological book, but the growing number of scientists believe it is real. That is because a number of them looked at your brain.

They use high-tech devices that measure blood flow to check what's going on in the brain for eating foods that are so charming like chocolate or high-fat. They found that the same areas of the brain on drugs in drug-related fun and rewarding, as they are the most active people eating something tasty. Oxford University in 2007 found that the effects are very popular and encourage people to chocolate or other foods. Craving is the same force that produces anxiety-struck items to generate their next point.

Animal research suggests how strong the urge sweet logic. One study conducted by the University of Bordeaux in France, 94 percent of the mice were given a choice between water and sweetened kokainiga saccharin (which is sweeter than sugar and customers), and selected drugs of alcohol. University of Washington study found that naloxone, a drug that limits the effects of opiates, they also keep the wishes of kukiyadaha, candy and other sweets – more evidence that the food and drug maandooriyadu to take place in the same brain

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Researchers have suggested that the reason for developing this sense of sweet-sweet very strong: Feeling kind of sweet and foods they have to live with encouraging to ugaadhno food they eat It was a very serious tax fraud during the refrigerator.

But drugs such as drugs, food, small is not satisfied with just one, just once. Kicineyso practice to reward centers in the brain, drugs or food, keeping your back in return. Sometimes a lot more, which leads to loss of control and, when it comes to food addiction, foorjirinta, according to researchers from the National Institute of the National Drug Abuse and Alcohol, whose objective was to observe food.

The Pediatric Disorder, or BED, has been included in the Diagnostic and Specialized Diagnosis (DSM) Mental Problems in 2013. 2013. DSM is a "legal book" that sets the conditions for diagnosis of all psychological conditions. According to the National Food Society (NEDA), BED is diagnosed with a long-term diet, often as long as it is full. People with BED eat it when they do not need it, and usually eat it alone because they are embarrassed while they are eating. They feel confident, unable to stop.

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Unlike other types of bulk, people with BED usually do not clean after eating. However, such as bullying, they experience a great offense, shameful and depressive disorder that can lead to more binge. It is a sensual diet that is served in the long run, according to NEDA.

If you are trying to lose weight-or have tried many times before you're more serious than BED compared to other people. experts say. Frequent problems, the history of the bigger change of heart, the emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed by weight, shock, loss or emotional or physical abuse can all lead you to eat. Traditions may also play a role.

According to the review of studies conducted by Research and Technology Technologies (AHRQ), research has shown that the two medical treatments, focusing on improving the ways you can communicate and contact your people's life, and the CBT Treatment Process, a short-term treatment program that helps you change your thoughts and behaviors behind your problems, can help with BED treatment. The CBT is particularly effective in reducing the frequency of repeated frequency, information received.

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Some medicines, including antidepressants, may also be helpful, said the AHRQ report, in fact, antidepressants is 1,67 times higher than the drug called & # 39; placebo & # 39; – used for testing-to help people stop praying. The drug also helped some people stop to think about food and frozen road to eat.

One drug approved for BED treatment, a phosphoram, which was originally developed to treat an outbreak of nervousness, was 2,61 times more efficient than the navel to control fingerprints. Topiramate, anesthetist, also has reduced the morbidity associated with other side effects from other medications, the report said.

If you think you have BED or are dependent on food, the best solution is to talk to a psychologist or counselor treating malnutrition. He or she will be able to help you reach a plan that suits you best.