Exclusive starting National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)

Exclusive starting  National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)
Exclusive The first round of national wisdom firefighting success case highlights (city articles)

Combined with smart city construction, Using the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technical means to implement intelligent operation, intelligent alarm, intelligent prevention and control and intelligent management of fire safety, has a significant positive significance for regulating urban fire safety management and improving regulatory efficiency.

Shanghai Putuo——Smart Community Fire Management Cloud Platform

Shanghai Putuo Fire Brigade adopts mobile Internet technology to adopt the strategy of “mass participation and dynamic prevention” Actively build a “firewall management” cloud platform for “Internet + Fire” community, and promote the construction of “smart fire protection” in the whole district to a new level.

 Exclusive debut  National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)

One is smart Joint, improve technical defense measures. With the help of Internet of Things technology, it strengthens the wide application of IoT perception and video surveillance, comprehensively improves the level of fire safety technology, and builds the underlying foundation of fire safety management. The second is data sharing, optimized disposition procedures. Implement data sharing between the cloud platform and the smart firefighting IoT system, strengthen the complementary advantages between civil air defense and technical defense, and ensure the optimization of fire prevention and control and hidden danger disposal in the whole district. The third is process reengineering to achieve joint construction and governance. Through the community fire management cloud platform, the national security disposal mode will be established, so that problems can be found, push problems, problem solving and feedback problems form a closed loop, realizing the socialization of fire safety work.

Shanghai Qingpu – “Smart Fire” prevention and control system

From previous household visits and investigations, to the current intelligent calculation analysis, Qingpu District Fire Protection The detachment is actively integrating the forces of all parties. Building a connected, intelligent, and intelligent “smart fire” prevention and control system with information as the core.

The front-end wireless sensing devices installed in various communities, units and merchants, together with the original fire-fighting equipment, constitute the first sensing layer of “smart firefighting”, and the alarms of these devices Signals such as faults will be transmitted to the third application layer of the social intelligent security system platform through the second transmission layer including wireless and wired methods. The three layers together constitute the overall framework of “smart fire protection”.

 Exclusive debut  National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)

After the overall framework is completed, relevant After the data is processed and analyzed, it will be sent directly to the mobile phone, computer and other terminals for use by the unit safety person in charge, resident owner, fire department, etc., to receive the alarm, view the fire warning notice, wireless alarm remote control, fire hazard Issues such as complaints and reports, uploading maintenance records, etc.

Yunxi, Yunnan——Building of “Smart Fire” on the Three Platforms

Yunxi Yuxi Detachment, “Wise Fire” Construction and “Three Platforms” It will vigorously promote the “intelligent” development of fire protection work.

Building a smart fire-fighting IoT cloud platform: Using the IoT cloud platform to truly provide mobile-side support applications, disposal and remote monitoring functions, including handling of fires and faults, and Application for insurance service-allocation-execution, signing, handling-auditing-feedback of firefighting instructions/tasks.

 Exclusive debut  National Wisdom Fire Success Cases (City)

Build a one-stop shop Huimin “Internet +” platform: Put the fire protection work into the one-stop Huimin “Internet + Government Service” platform, actively use the “e-government network system”, access the party and government department fiber-optic line, and realize the departments and departments The data integration between the departments, strengthen the joint law enforcement of the department, use the mobile 4G network, “I.Yuxi” free wireless Internet hotspot to query the fire administrative approval and licensing business handling, and achieve “let the data run more errands, let the masses run less” A little mouse, service home.”

Building a fire prevention and control information platform: Establish information sharing, linkage and supervision mechanisms. Incorporate “smart firefighting” into “smart city” with planning, deployment, and construction, adopt “prescribed action + independent innovation”, combine Yuxi “six-city co-creation” work, establish perfect network data resources, and emergency rescue The data management center is docked, and the city public fire resources such as fire fighting and rescue equipment and rescue materials network, natural fire water source and municipal fire hydrant are integrated into the network data resources to ensure timely call.

Chongqing Yuzhong – “Smart Fire” remote monitoring system

Chongqing Yuzhong District invested more than 400,000 yuan in the pilot area of ​​Guilu Garden Xincun Community “Smart Fire” construction, Using big data technology to send fire safety warning system into the community, eliminating fire hazards in the bud..

 Exclusive debut  National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)

Chongqing Yuzhong District Fire Brigade The community has set up a fire-fighting IoT monitoring system. By installing wireless independent smoke detectors, manual alarms, light alarms and other fire alarm monitoring systems and fire water monitoring management systems in residential buildings, each building and each household Residents’ houses have established a detailed database and linked the database to the early warning system, which has comprehensively improved the community’s fire prevention and control capabilities and disposal capabilities.

Kunming Xishan – Wisdom Fireworks IoT Platform

Building with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, VR panorama, mobile Internet+ The “Xishan Wisdom Fire” IoT Cloud Platform effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of Xishan firefighting work from “regulation” to “service” through the dynamic management and closed-loop operation of fire control work, not only to ensure people’s lives. Property security has built a powerful “firewall”, which has also effectively improved the city’s security and emergency management capabilities.

Zhejiang Keqiao – to create a “smart fire” weapon

Shaqiao Keqiao District officially put into use “Keqiao Firefighting” APP, this is The “Fire-fighting, Intelligent Control” platform is specially built to build a fire hazard management system platform. Through the use of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, intelligent sensing, and mobile Internet, it integrates functions such as analysis and judgment, real-time query, intelligent early warning, and emergency linkage. It can effectively enhance the pertinence, initiative, linkage and timeliness of comprehensive fire safety management.

Jiangsu Nanjing-Anxin Home Wisdom Fire Protection System

Anxin Home Smart Fire Protection System builds a unified Internet platform management with cloud computing and big data as the core The system integrates indoor smoke alarm, temperature and humidity alarm, gas alarm and other functions. It uses the Internet of Things technology to control the fire hazard through mobile APP.

 Exclusive debut  National Wisdom Fire Success Case Highlights (City)

Baihai Sanjiang – Firefighting Networking solutions; raining as a song – VR technology catalyzes the new wind direction of smart fire; Shield Shields – Smart Fire Safety Service Cloud Platform; Smart – Provides intelligent fire protection solutions based on NB-IoT…

The follow-up will be launched to introduce the successful case of the nation’s leading smart fire protection enterprise, which is of great reference and reference value, so stay tuned.

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