Excerpts of insulin are most commonly diagnosed with diabetes

Excerpts of insulin are most commonly diagnosed with diabetes

Type 1 diabetes becomes an important factor in controlling, thanks in the upper part to the insulin price almost twice in five years.

All, the type of diabetes type 1 rose from $ 12,467 in 2012 to $ 18,494 in 2016, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday. The organization discovered the amount of insulin obtained in the year 2016, about 31 percent of the health of one person, as the annual insulin annual dropping ranges from $ 2,864 to $ 5,705 at this time.

In contrast, medical funding for medical care and equipment management and technology increased by 47 percent of health insurance in 2016, while the price of non-insulin diabetes was 22%.

But while the proportion of non-insulin as the medical health prices reduced the time, the insulin price continued, with 47 percent increase in $ 6,000 to anyone who paid for a long period of time. time.

HCCI researchers have been investigating the medical clinic of more than 16,000 people who have been hospitalized. They discovered the price of each insulin product in the market between 2012 and 2016 and found that prices were increased at all times, with sales prices rising from 13 percent per quarter in 2012 to 25 cents in each group in 2016.

The report found that most insulin used daily received only 3% during the study period.

More than 1.2 million people have died with type 1 infections, according to the American Corner Center, and estimated 40,000 people each year. Unlike many patients with 2 diabetes who can not improve the risk of the disease and reduce insulin through good nutrition and exercise, 1 single patients do not insulin and need multiple species a day .

"You have a prisoner, near the customer's goal when it comes to 1 injection and insulin," said Niall Brennan, Head of the Center. "There are few if any part of the US economy where the seller can increase the rate of 92 per cent and people are consuming this type of product."

The low cost of insulin has led to serious disorders among the patients and lawmakers in recent years and has severely influenced consumers for price pricing. The cost of prescription fees increased from $ 405 in 2013 to $ 666 in 2016.

Business companies have a high risk of drug pricing in order to pay for research and the production of new product samples. But insulin has been in the markets since the 1920s, and the recent success has been 20 years ago.

"These did not increase the prices of developing commodities, which have grown dramatically in the same way and in the past decades," said Jean Fuglesten Biniek, reporter and senior researcher. in HCCI. "And even though we've got new innovation, we're talking about tweaks."

Both supporters of federal and federal states have sought ways to address the amount of insulin. Last November, Caucus Crisis of Crisis reported that the decision to address many insulin issues including ways to increase market prices and prices with accuracy, and change regulatory reforms.