Recipe from the Natural Noodles

A friend from the Cooking Club told me to take this food and the children are curious. I always have sweet rice and potatoes so it makes it easier to come together. I do not have eggs, pets or milk, which is often in colon and so hopefully to help some people whose children (or others) are sensitive to these things. If you do not, talc and shredded cheese of this one will help them to stay together. These do not have the tube that's running, so you are free to add many seedlings or packs based on who you are fed.


1 cup boiled cooled bran (or queen)
1/2 dough cup cooked with potato meat, about 1 small
2 Tbsp. coffee
1/2 tsp. sea ​​salt
2 Tbsp. brown rice, more for the lid (panko or animal management)
dollop of pesto or risk, choice
fresh parsley
avocado or coconut oil, cooked


Mixed areas, mixtures, sweet potatoes, jellyfish, salt, brown rice, dillop soup if used and small-sized chopped parsley. Try to combine. Squeeze the oven in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to cook and tighten it.

Avoid a small amount of oily oil in your sauce (not a stone or clay). Put in a small box of gypsy bouquet. Prepare a mixture of sweet-frozen tomatoes and make the flour. Your hands will be honest, just delete it. Add hot oil and keep the remaining food. To tackle the sides of the sides, shake the surrounding container, and place the dishes to cool.

Use toilets with ketchup or animal. It can be cooled and heated in the oven 400 & # 39; as needed.