Every day, there is a story “Assassination of Alasan”

Every day, there is a story “Assassination of Alasan”

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Author: Li Zhiqiang

each One day there is a story

Mansour is a killer, proficient in several languages, Never lost, has a high reputation. He was ruthless and ruthless. Once, because of a considerable remuneration, he even reported his enemies and personally killed the benefactor who had funded him for more than a decade.

One day, an employer asked Mansour to talk about a single business: assassination of a famous doctor named Alasan for a month. Because of the high price, Mansour took orders.

The city where Alasan lived was by the sea, belonging to a peninsula country, surrounded by the sea on three sides. Mansour began to seriously study the whereabouts of Alasan, then secretly sneaked in, successfully arrived at the destination, and found a small hotel to stay.

On that day, Alasan was going to speak at a university at 8:00 pm. Mansour is very happy, it is more convenient to kill in the dark. He first stepped on the spot and selected the roof of a business building as a sniper point. During the day, he recharged his batteries in a small hotel. After the night, Mansor was preparing to leave, suddenly felt the pain in the lower abdomen, the more painful, the hotel owner saw, very enthusiastic to ask, and personally sent Mansour to a private clinic. The equipment in the clinic is fairly complete, first consulted, and then according to the X-ray, the doctor looked at the film and said seriously: “You have a little bitch in your stomach.” Also took the X-ray photo to Mansol, and was shocked. He was at a loss, and he did not distinguish between true and false. He had to agree to the operation. A needle of anesthetic was beaten down, Mansour lost consciousness…

After waking up, Mansour felt that his stomach was not hurting. Only a scar on the belly.

When Mansour reluctantly recovered his physical strength, he began to move around. When he saw the newspaper that day, he found that it had passed eighteen days. He began to worry a little about the task. He quickly went online to see the whereabouts of Alasan, and opened the webpage. Mansour’s gaze was immediately attracted to a news: “The Black Heart Clinic took the name of the doctor and took the patient’s kidney. The matter was revealed, and the suspects were at large.”

After seeing the name of this black heart clinic, it was too familiar. Mansolton was shocked. This…so that night, I have May have taken the kidneys away? Mansour couldn’t imagine the consequences. He was still lucky at first, and after waiting for two days, there were symptoms, waistache, soft legs, and weakness. Once again, the innkeeper was missing. At this time, he knew that the food provided by the small hotel was unsanitary. It seemed that he had eaten unclean food first. This was a pain in his stomach. At that private clinic, the black heart doctor took the name of “a small donkey in his stomach”. Going to your own kidney… Damn, how can you let yourself go?

Mansor is frightened. What can I do? At this time, he saw the hope from the Internet: the famous doctor Ala Sang was sitting in the hospital for ten days, specializing in incurable diseases.

 Every day, there is the story

During this time, Mansour vs. Allah Sang had a detailed understanding of him and knew that he was a responsible person with real talents. Mansour refused to carry out the “assassination” task. After all, the body was tight and the life was critical. So he followed the address and went all the way. He was anxious to come to the clinic in Alasan.

Alasan asked Mansour to take an X-ray first. Then he looked at the film and asked the specific situation and was silent. Mansour saw Alasan not talking, his expression was very dignified, and immediately he was so anxious that his tears fell quickly, and he almost fell.

Alasan saw Mansour’s pitiful look and sighed and said, “You really have one kidney.”

Mansol almost fainted, fortunately Alasan’s next words made him see hope: “But I can help you reload it, only to charge you a very low cost.”

Besides, what else can I do? What? So Mansour had to promise surgery. You know, this is the second time he has had an operation in a short time!

Ala Sang really has a good medical skill. After the operation, Mansor recovered well and will soon be able to walk down the ground. Not long after, Mansor became alive and kicking, and his energy was extremely strong. He would be uncomfortable after a few days of operation. After the operation, the body would always be worse than before. He is getting better and better, it is a strange thing!

This day, Alasan informed Mansour that he could be discharged from the hospital, and specially left him a phone number in order to promptly feedback the adverse reactions after surgery.

So Mansour left the hospital and was ready to continue the mission of assassinating Alasan.

Mansol quickly learned that the famous doctor Alasan is going to attend a charity fundraiser. The organizer has reserved a ten-minute speech time for him, or eight o’clock in the evening, which is the last day of the reward period. .

So, Mansour once again selected the sniper position, or on the roof of the building. This time, he simply came to the hiding place one day in advance, bought two bottles of mineral water and a few breads, and it will be a day. At half past seven, Mansour opened the carrying case, took out the removed gun parts, and skillfully assembled the sniper rifle.

Time is up, look at it from afar, Ala Sang walks slowly to the podium… Mansour sees it clearly in the sight, is preparing to do it, but at that moment, Mansour The hand suddenly trembled a little, he was a little excited, after all, getting this opportunity is not easy: poor belly, it is already scarred.

Mansol tried to calm himself down. He suddenly felt urgency, and found a place, but he couldn’t get out of the urine. The bladder was so swollen that he was so anxious that he was so excited that he was at this time. There is a long column of objects in his mind…

It’s weird, how come this idea? Columnar, what does this have to do with him? Suddenly, Mansour remembered a joke: a dog was walking in the desert, because there were no trunks and poles in the desert, the column-like body, and it was killed by the urine. It is no wonder that dogs usually rely on pillars. Will pee.

Thinking of this joke, Mansour couldn’t help but shudder: After moving the second operation, every time he urinated, it seemed that he must stand beside the round tube in the bathroom. In order to get out of the urine smoothly.

How is this happening? Mansour really couldn’t understand, but at this moment, the urinary feelings of the river and the impending assassination of the river did not allow him to think more. He looked at the roof, it was very flat, smooth, and there was no column-like body. Is it a self? Do the big living people let the urine die? Mansor had a move and suddenly thought of the barrel of the sniper rifle at hand. Although it was fine, it was also a columnar body. So he put the muzzle down and stood up…

also Really, Mansour relied on the sniper gun barrel that looked like a “columnar body”. Although the urine was a bit difficult, he finally got out of the urine. Mansor spit out a long breath and looked at the watch again, Mom. Ala Sang’s speech is coming to an end! Mansor wiped the body of the wet pig with a cloth, and quickly set up a gun, ready to shoot…

Mansol concentrated, pulled the trigger, and only heard the sound of “” Because the gun accidentally entered the urine, the bomb was smashed…

Mansour’s face was blown up and bloody, and a piece of debris shot into his left lower abdomen, with perseverance, Struggling to throw the bomber’s gun down the roof, and dialing the phone that Alasan had left him, he said weakly: “I am on the rooftop of the Empire State Building, saving my life…” After he finished, he fainted… /p>

each One day there is a story

I don’t know how many times Mansour is awake When I came over, I heard that Alasan said to a group of reporters: “The patient’s stomach was severely damaged. After the resection, I replaced it with a new alternative I found. At the same time, I also gave him a skin graft surgery. After surgery “Recovery is good.”

Mansol looked at Alasan and asked gently: “Doctor, what replacement did you give me this time?”

Alasan Desperately said: “I can use the biological genetic technology to use the internal organs of other animals to cultivate the internal organs of function and size, and to apply this method to cosmetic technology. There is no failure. This time, I used leather for your facelift and gave you the pig’s stomach.”

Mansor was terrified, the stomach of the pig? This made him think of himself in the future, the horror of the squatting bucket in the restaurant, but he also had a doubtful group that did not solve, and asked: “What alternative did you use last time? “?”

Ala Sang said: “The last time I changed it for you is the kidney of the dog.”

Mansol is devastated: no wonder it will be “columnar” “! Hey, I wanted to assassinate Alasan. I didn’t expect to let Alasan “assassinate” himself. He was mad and shouted: “I want to change course!”