Eliminate the Triggers

Eliminate the Triggers

The way we change our behavior has nothing to do with breaking.

We get power, not by power but by the way
find ways to go strong out of balance.

The centerpiece for eliminating bad habits, according to al & # 39; s sociologist Wendy Wood, author of "Good Characters, Bad Orphans," is traction. In other words, assigning bad habits is not appropriate.

It cites ways of increasing competition
creating a backlash for smoking: laws banning it in restaurants, bars,
airplanes, and trains; taxes that helped triple the price of cigarettes in it
America in the last twenty years; Removing cigarettes from sale
machines, cigarettes and TV advertisements.

We can use ra & # 39; s to apply the same to eating habits. But first, I think it's important to research the science behind drinking & # 39; awar.

In an ideal world, your food & drink will only produce symptoms through internal signals that grow from your body to your brain.

Hunger. Find food!

We never again look for food. And our appetite is caused by a shortage of real food. We always fill our day with food and pictures of food everywhere we turn.

The biggest problem we face is that seeing + smells + thinking about food has a negative impact it imitates what we taste when we are physically satisfied.

When you see + smell + think of food, all the same procedures happen in your time need food is going on. The signal that reaches your brain of your intestine is activated by the spinal cord that produces a lot of insulin + drop in the blood. High blood glucose tells your brain need to eat. Ari, your body is resting so you have a large space for food + you need more to feel it fully.

This happens through visual, sensory or food sensations. Which was very helpful during the return of food. Today though, not so much.

If you have never wondered why using force to overcome a & # 39; s feeling like pushing a rock, this is the reason. When we do not respond to natural ingredients with food – it feels & # 39; s bad. Even when we don’t need food.

The best way to control drinking is to eliminate as much stress as possible.

Since Halloween is only a few days away, here it is
& # 39; a few tips for Halloween candy

  • Do not buy candy until the day before Halloween (or the day)
  • Let someone in your family hide it if it has already been purchased
  • Buy what you don’t want
  • Leave the lambs in the bowl at the end of the night. (They will surely disappear).

Bottom line, make healthy choices be a + convenient option that can be unmatched + out of sight.

💙 Robyn

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