Editor: The True Way – Modern Health

Editor: The True Way – Modern Health

Of all the places allocated to reduce US health prices, price prices are the most likely to be the biggest problem.

Believers say that consumers who have detailed information about the cost and quality of care will authorize the patients to purchase between the exchange vendors. This will result in prices-just like in other competitive markets.

The goal is to have confidence in the Congress and in some states. CMS this year needs hospitals to place thousands of priced customers in so-called marketplaces. Service charge statistics are solutions to communication with private insurers.

The fact is that the value of the price is most important to Medicare patients, since CMS has been paid in accordance with any manufacturer, adapted to home environment. For cheap prices, 90 percent of Medicare users take more coverage, which eliminates most of their products to higher prices. Authorities in the Medicaid State have paid a fee and have set boundaries for most people to pay out-of-pocket.

The only place where the discount can be useful, then is one of the 160 million US dollars that have plans to purchase or purchase their own plans. While it is a great concern for 30 million people unauthorized, financial papers are often written as charity or infinite care.

How can a reliable workforce be used for the loss of a person? You do at least three patients with a sick heart disease in the well-replaced city, which is among the 30% of clinical services that can be arranged and so can become a trade union.

Most of the hospitals operating in the country are around $ 59,000. Recently the price is limited or I am from the Medicare price (about $ 14,000) twice in the ground.

In the example for example, one patient has Cadillac coverage with $ 100 deductible. One has a operating system with $ 1,000 deductible. And a third bought a bronze shape on a person's exchange with a $ 5,000 deductible. Let's also assume that a hospital or any insurance company in this city has a simple tool on the Website of the Website of the Website of the Web Site Web site is a web site. plan.

After 10 minutes on the site, sick patients have learned six hospitals that are all replacing the knee and each receives four or five stars from Medicare. They also learned their prizes from $ 12,000 to $ 60,000.

Although this looks like a textbook for true prices, none of these patients are concerned about changing to the donor. Their gift without a pocket will not change since each of them will pay this deductible at any hospital. The cost of the work is better than the boundaries of their rooms, even in the deeper plan. This helps explain why 10 percent of prospective patients use cost-effective products when they are available.

Six special hospitals in our community are of vital importance and are very difficult. About 90 percent of metropolitan areas in the United States are "very careful" for hospital service. This design is not in line with the big competition.

But the largest housing market in most of the business is the experience and timing of the process. Health care is not just like buying a car. Most cases of care-about 70% – are not good. As a result of the diagnosis, the patient's response and responsiveness began to grow. Experienced doctors are best advised by doctors, not the medications that concern the costs.

Despite the limits to its users, government officials must continue to provide donors and vendors for a full price and validity. It will introduce institutions that link to all.

Economic Disorders 101. If the economic situation is correct, true truth will allow consumers and vendors to work better.