Eat Meat (30 Minutes)

Eat Meat (30 Minutes)

Snack called Easy beef Chili made with ingredients found kiliniggaaga ready for 30 minutes only. This simple snapshot is tastefully put in your taste, and you will not believe it can not cook the whole day.

Healthy diet Easy and simple food that takes about thirty minutes to make it tasty and flavored apple. Easy infant water is filled, hearing, and can be done already.

Chili is one of the dishes I like to do. There is something exciting about stopping skin, warm. However sometimes there are not only two hours or more of the paste making and these days, I can make fast and fast food. It has been tastefully labeled & untouched with a lot of hard cooking. As many kidneys, tastes are even better at the next day so take time off if you can.

Consider this simple, easy-to-use package of fertilizer such as basic metals to build to create the best of your family. You can change protein, by using turkey, rubbing, or pig. You can convert different types of bean, using everything you have. You can hit the natural level by using canned pepper, extra bags, or raw cheese. You can even add some fractions. Think about carrots, peppers, apples, or zucchini.

Eat soft drinks called cow's milk products with bags of guns and rubbish.

Is this pipe in? How to be as simple ulcers?

It is! Chili con carne is simply a small pie brown sauce. There are many different types of apple juice that is one way to make it easier and quick to cut. Usually it will always be the meat of cow's meat & cereals, beans, powdered powder or peppers. Afraid to say, everybody does his writing. Some people make soft, and others add brown sugar to sugar, and some people like to be very careful without soup. Start with this dish, and then try different ways to find the way you like it.

How do you hide the bags?

The best way to stick to the sauce is to reduce the amount of soup you use when making a beer. Usually, we recommend that you go slowly until you reach your wishes. Some people like to be thick and some are like broth. If you have already added the liquid and you want to build, you have two options. You can use the meat to mix with cold water or a melting mixture with cold water. Just be sure to mix it before you add a broth to avoid it.

Usually, what is the product?

Homemade Chili or Chile con carne always has pork & cereal (or other protein), kidney beans, tomatoes, onion, and garlic. And then add a small amount of rice and / or insect powder. To eliminate the sponge band, people often use smoke and cereals.

Why does garbage serve?

There are many opportunities for waste. You can cover chopped onions, strawberries, cream or grated meadow, black pepper, red pepper, cilantro, or chips tortilla. When it comes to a side dish, potatoes are a normal choice. To keep you cool, serve some spaghetti or non-potent rice. You can even make a bird with milk or brown bird with duck & dough.

Pure milk in a white bowl with a basic white background.

Ways to adapt to this simple book of cigarettes

  • German: Add loafs instead of beef & # 39; You can also use animal products from animal husbandry & # 39;
  • Low Carb: Remove the beans and add loafs. You can also use canned canned beans.
  • No beans: If you do not like beans, you have several options. You can use twice as much meat or add quinine, lentils, sweet potatoes, or lambs.
  • Different protein: You can use turkey or chicken in turkey instead of beef & # 39; For weight loss, this has lowered Freestyle SmartPoints up to 1.
  • Additional Parts: Smooth nutrition by adding a lot of ovaries. Fresh, sweet potatoes, ice potatoes, zucchini, pepper sprouts, or whole carrots that work well.