Easy to ignore health problems – chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation has become one of the biggest health problems in today’s society, but you may not know about chronic inflammation, or even know that it is already in your body! Let’s take a look at this health issue that we have long neglected.

When we connect our diet, lifestyle, and chronic inflammation and disease, each of us has an obligation to be responsible for our health. What is the reason? – Our daily choices may be the cause of chronic inflammation.

First, understand acute and chronic inflammation because they are completely different. After that, let’s understand the causes of chronic inflammation and the consequences it will bring.

1, what is inflammation?

Acute inflammation is a natural and beneficial immune response to tissue damage.

When you fall from your bike, the wound will swell, turn red, and have a burning sensation. The immune system is busy delivering white blood cells to the wound to repair the signs of damaged tissue. In this case, inflammation is our friend – without it, we cannot survive.

Chronic inflammation is the body’s immune response to environmental, physical, and mental problems. The main causes are poor eating habits, exposure to toxic substances and stress. It has become one of the biggest health problems in today’s society.

There is an inflammation you may not know about its existence. What you eat, drink water, think about problems, environmental pollution, smoking, booze, and even watching TV for a long time can cause the body’s inflammation problems to emerge endlessly.

When physical inflammation problems are highlighted, the body’s defense system is defeated, and it is impossible to know who is the intruder and who is supposed to protect. As a result, the immune system initiates, destroying healthy cells, tissues and other weak parts. It is like Al Pacino’s Tony Montana played in The Comet. He destroyed everything he could see and said, “Greedy with my little friend (gun).”

2, Causes of chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation can be caused by many problems, but most of them can be controlled and avoided by yourself. Look at the list below, are you familiar with it?

Unhealthy eating habits, such as processed foods, large quantities of animal products, sugary drinks, trans fatty acids, certain unhealthy saturated fats, and heavy drinking.

Intestinal health problems

Food allergies

Chronic infectious diseases (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites)

Stress, exhausted.

Static lifestyle (seuse)

Chronic inflammation has many other causes, but these are the most important. Do you think these issues will not have any impact on your long-term health? Think again – the next step, the problem will arise.

3. Consequences and resolution of chronic inflammation

As time passes, chronic inflammation can destroy your immune system, leading to chronic diseases and other health problems, including cancer, asthma, Autoimmune diseases, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, osteoporosis, and even premature aging.

Unfortunately, these conditions are often only temporarily treated by drugs or surgery, and they are not solved from the root cause. In addition, these drugs (and their side effects) can cause other health problems.

The medicines in the medicine box are just band-aids, and the real source of health lies in your daily diet and lifestyle choices.

If possible, find a general practitioner who can help you. Ask them to follow, confirm your lifestyle, and record your health problems in order to kill the inflammatory problem in the cradle. They can also test your blood to see if there is inflammation (make sure the doctor asks you to do a C-reactive protein test).