Easy Paleo Green Bean Casserole

Easy Paleo Green Bean Casserole

There are two things I just like a vacation time. The first is the meeting with time spent with all my loved ones. And the second? Do you think it - all the food in the collection. This favorite honeycomb is perfect enough to enjoy your friends and family!

What is not allowed

Speaking about the memory, let's look at what's happening in it. It is easy to prepare, you need only three -thinly sliced ​​onions, pork onions cut into half-inch pieces, and olive oil. I'm sure you can say by reading that as comfortable as possible. Onions and bacon? Yes please. Not only is it bad but it's important to you. With garlic, onions are one of the best vegetables you can eat for your health. It is full of anti-virus disease, and studies show that it can play an important role in helping prevent AIDS. (1)

And do not repeat something about pork – this can be deeper. This leaves olive oil, which is used for all slices of bacon and onion to blow and add it into casserole itself. Extra olive oil containing oil in the heart, fat loss of fat that helps to reduce heart disease. It is also beneficial for insulin levels and treats sugar, making it healthy for any 2 diabetes. (2)

Yummy Green Beans

Next, let's move to the star of any kind of bean – bean. They were undoubtedly one of the most desirable products to enjoy, and even more so when used to make bricks like the vaccine. They are filled with vitamin vitamins and even more, and they are useful for all your body, especially your heart impaired. (3)

Of course, it will not be a big casserole without green beans. This recipe also has a large sour cream, made of arrowroot flour, garlic, mushroom products, and mushrooms. Breadful soup of soup is full of green pearls, and these as well as once you add onions and bacon, all the likes are together. No need for chemical ingredients.

The honeycomb can detect its roots in order to be appreciative, but once you try to get this out of place, I'm sure you'll agree it should be kept in the menu all year long. However, it still has a good meal to enjoy with your family and friends about the holidays, whether it is part of a celebration of Christmas or a Christmas meal.

PS. Looking for some very tough but not really fun beans, I can offer some suggestions for some good recipes: