“Dianlian Red Date Soup” in “Dream of Red Mansions”

“Dianlian Red Date Soup” in “Dream of Red Mansions”

Jia Baoyu’s nourishing soup – Jianlian red jujube soup

Love small meat, in fact, since ancient times.

Pan An, who has thrown a fruit in the car, is fascinated by the old woman on the road. Recently, there is a treasure in the face of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the color is like the flower of Chunxiao, and I lost my sister in the red building.

Today, Xiaobian is here to see why the young ladies in the red building like Baoyu so much. Unveiling the status and talent of Baoyu, the face of Baoyu alone makes people like it. We look at the description of the book, the face is as full, white and warm as the moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The color is as fresh and beautiful as the flowers at the dawn of spring. It is summarized as the skin is good, the color is good, so the tender little meat dislike?

Why does Baoyuyu have such a good skin color? This depends on eating from small to big. We all know that a reasonable diet will help the health of the body, the smoothness of the stomach, the qi and the spleen, the qi and blood, the whole person’s skin will increase. And Baoyu, who has been pampered since childhood, is also a scorpion and a grandson. Since childhood, there is no shortage of people to serve, and the diet is even more delicate. What does Baoyuyu usually eat?

And see the “Dream of Red Mansions” original 52nd time has such a daily life details:

Baoyu wants to go to Jiamu, before going out, “Little girl will hold a small tea tray Covered with bowls of lotus red jujube soup, Baoyu drank two…and went to Jiamu.”

Before the jade went out, he took a bowl of Jianlian red jujube soup and drank two drinks to Baoyu. I will be out at the end. This is actually a very ordinary description of life, quite plain, drinking two before going out, just as familiar with sleeping, and in the Dream of Red Mansions, if it is not eaten often, it will be introduced a little, it can be seen that this Jianlian red jujube soup is One of the drinks that Baoyu often drinks.

Let’s take a look at the practice of nourishing soup and beauty products that are often eaten by Baoyu. In the future, such as Baoyu, you can drink it daily, supplement your blood and moisturize your skin, strengthen your spleen and stomach, and brighten your skin after a long time.

Lianzi, peace of mind; red dates, blood The heart, especially Jianlian, the most top of the lotus seeds, is the lotus seed from Fujian Jianning. In the Qing Dynasty, Jianlian was one of the tributes. So often drink like this, Jianlian red jujube soup to replenish the mind, soothe the nerves, and adjust the external appearance, often drink or not will be effective, such as powder, lip if fat, plus a small diet, this Baoyu can Not “fresh”?

Red jujube soup, in fact, the “steaming” system is more suitable than the cooking method. Steaming, can retain the nutrition of red dates to the utmost extent, and the soup steamed out from the steamer is different from the soup stewed with open flame. It will be more pure and pure, and the role of raising spleen and nourishing blood is stronger. Interested partners may wish to steam with the boss. Try it out:


Dry lotus seeds (it may not be easy to buy Jianlian now, you can use the ordinary dried lotus seeds bought by the supermarket, if there are fresh lotus seeds) Jujube, brown sugar


1. Soak the dried lotus seeds in cold water for about 2 hours, and soak the red dates in clear water for 30 minutes;

2. Soaked lotus seeds can go to the core, and red dates into the bowl, add water, steamed into the boss steamer;

3. Add brown sugar to taste when drinking.

Is it super simple? Moreover, the boss has a large steamer capacity and can steam more at a time. Lazy people can soak the lotus seeds and red dates at night, put the soaked lotus seeds and red dates into the steamer in the morning, wash them before going out to drink, and insist on long-term reasonable drinking, which is quite helpful for skin improvement.


Boss three-core steamer S226, the top does not drip, can ensure the best taste of food; three-core strong steam, can quickly steam set temperature, Then the small tube continues to heat and lock the nutrients without loss, ensuring the original taste of the ingredients.