“Diabetes Recipe” Hemi Winter Melon

“Diabetes Recipe” Hemi Winter Melon

Hami melon


500g of melon and 20 capsules of seaweed.


5 grams of chopped green onion and ginger, 8 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of salt, a little chicken, 7 grams of vegetable oil.


1. Peel the melon, remove the mash and rinse it, cut it into pieces; use it for seaweed Warm water and soft.

2. Heat the wok and pour in the oil until it is 60% hot. Add the melon slices to the tender green and remove the oil.

3. Leave a little base oil, add chopped green onion, ginger, shabu-shabu, pour in water, salt, cooking wine, chicken, seaweed, add zucchini slices after boiling, stir fry with high heat, and turn to low heat until roasted. Melon can be transparent.

Nutritionist Comments:

Protein and fenugreek in melon can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat in the body. Obesity in type 2 diabetic patients is very beneficial. Moreover, melon has a particularly low glycemic index, which is a vegetable that can be eaten by diabetics. It can also diuresis and protect the kidneys.

Shrimp is 198 per 100 grams of calories. Thousands of calories, 5 grams per day should be eaten, the calcium content is high, but the sodium and cholesterol levels are too high. After eating too much, it is easy to cause high blood pressure, arterial atherosclerosis, and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications.