Dear Dear: Increased Light Tragedy, Reduced Prediction, Increased Death?

Dear Dear: Increased Light Tragedy, Reduced Prediction, Increased Death?

For today's edition of Dear Dear, I am responding to three questions. First of all, what is Harvard's new study on eating a lot of red meat increases the mortality rate? Does this really prove this? Secondly, about one of the claims that the small food shortage also increases mortality? If you are worried? Finally, why do we intend to eat local farmers' farms, even if they are not natural?

Let's go:

Congratulations Mark,

What did you take from Harvard's study?

"Those who have increased their daily meat on red meat for over eight years are likely to die for eight years."

It's totally unrealistic with the use of very little work to give MDA readers.

Red meat products are more likely to smoke.

Green meat consumes a lot of weight.

What other people have changed since they have added or subjected the meat to their meals for eight years?

The study does not say much.

We know:

Those who ate a lot of red meat as well as time spent too much calories – about 400 others. Those who ate small red meat as time closed cut down Their total calories.

Those who ate too much red meat as well as time spent too much weight.

This simple inclination is to blame for the change in the trend of red meat, and this is what the study is learning and that is all about the story. But There are a million other variables that can cause, which may cause them, because that is why it affects the world. Or rather, the causes and effects.

Remember: This was not a mediation study that a group was told to avoid red meat and one group was told to eat a lot of red meat. This was information from two different studies that were made ten years ago, gathered people asking for what they ate on a typical day and followed later to see the dead, who had cancer, who got a weighing weight. It is not clear about red meat. Therefore, this is a reminder of what people think of them to eat, and the researchers from the specialist sauce in the red meat are designed for everything else.

This is not unique. These are numbers that can not be touched.

One of the interesting texts in the discussion section of the letter was the following:

Unused meat consumption only relates to the US population death, but not for Europe or Asia.

I am going back to the near future. Now, though, any ideas that may be going on?

Mark, make small diets and increase the causes of death. Listening for many people about this last …

He speaks of this.

This is another nonsense part. While you are studying less formal food such as keto, Atkins, or Primo Blueprint, has divided people into four degrees "shorter".

  • One Tier received 66% of their energy from carbohydrates.
  • Tier two received 57% of energy from carbohydrates.
  • Tier 3 received 49% of energy from carbohydrates.
  • The four-digit high risk of death-has 39% energy from carbohydrates.

Now, I may have hit "diri" and stop posting now. I mean, that's all about it. What is the world 39% of calories from carbohydrates in small amounts? How is the "low cost" food? Pure cleanness.

The study also did not comment on food quality. Who do these types of fats, deposits, and proteins? What are the facts they are leaving and including? How do they take the omega-3? Who eat most of the chicken, mostly cows & nuts, or plants?

We all know, in addition to their sweet drinks, are people in "underwear" / 39% carbut:

  • Finally he sucked.
  • Lower down at least full fat.
  • Drinking the most alcohol.
  • At least exercise.

In fact, this study is to eat high fat foods, Higher Standard American Diet will increase your mortality. This is a surprise.

As I said earlier, you should bring the fatty liquid or strawberries – to tighten and follow. Of course, Michael Phelps can eat 10kg of McDonald 's, and can continue to do the best, body, and health because he burned all, but you are not at training for five hours day. To try to get away from human beings you are too high, many animals are a bad idea for most people. You are maybe Make 39% better than "good" food by following the Good Food Program, putting a lot of starchy foods and fat, but that does not work for anyone.

You have reported that you are going to the Agricultural Markets every week. I would like someone to explain to me the local market and go to the Agricultural Markets. Whenever I hear them tell them to laugh slightly. I am sure we will buy locally, and we agree, if fruit and vegetables are organic. Usually not & # 39; so, I'm away from the area and avoid pesticides.
I can only think that local buyers do not have pests, and if the juice, drink a glass of chemicals.
Why do not I stay here? I would like to buy the area, but unfortunately it's rare in organic. I would like to buy non-organic organic products.

Have you ever talked to non-farmers?

In my experience, most buyers in the agricultural industry use natural processes even if they do not have a degree. For some reason, basic qualifications are very difficult to reach. It is a great process for many years.

They must enter unpaid chemicals. If they are in the third year of the return organic, can not advertise "organic" but the goals and objectives are.

It's money. Being cultivated is a difficult way to live. Going by law may represent a large amount of cash that can not be clearly stated at this time.

Go to the market, go often. Learn about the people there. Look for eye farmers and ask how they grow. Most of the people I've met have done the right thing. They are small tasks. They have their children with crying and help. They are using powerful and accurate men and women and such knowledge. They do not have to hunt for agricultural crops to cover a whole pump with chemicals.

The other (big) local product production is new. Fruits and vegetables traveling around fifty mile after closing the day is a distinctive world that has been produced over the last few weeks and has been deployed in various parts of the country (only globally in the world).

That is today, they are people. If you have any questions or comments on the questions & answers today, list below.

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