DaVita, Fresenius challenged the announcement in Calif.

DaVita, Fresenius challenged the announcement in Calif.

Instead of Dialysis DaVita Healthcare Partners and Fresenius Medical have succeeded as California executives shoot an emotion that would cause greater concern over corporate profits.

The results were received at the beginning of Wednesday for Approval 8, as the support for the voting process was left behind at the reported sites.

Average housing prices will cost at least 15% above the cost of direct medical treatment. Analysts estimated that DaVita could lose up to $ 400 million in the annual business market in the state that was the largest business market. In construction up to Tuesday night, researchers indicate that the company can withdraw from California completely if it is estimated at the expense.

The Business Corporations Association launched its launch of $ 18million to send a "yes" vote. This deals with $ 110 million in collaboration with the United States Consulate General-California Hospital Association and California Medical Association – on the one hand.

DaVita killed approximately 66 million naira for opposition, while Fresenius contributed about 28.5 million dollars, according to research from Height Stores.

Both firms have about three percent of California's largest trading company, with the highest number of 588 contractors in the country. Approximately 140,000 people received messages in 2016, according to the United Nations Public Health Agency's Office.

But DaVita could not get out of money for a long time. The California government issued a statement by Jerry Brown (D) to announce a state-run statewide budget this year that would allow a business bill to subscribe to a Medicare fund if companies owned by companies and they are suitable.

However, Senator Connie Leyva (D), who presented the presentation, indicated that he wanted to try again in the next parliament and Gog. Gavin Newsom (D) will not take the position of Brown.

DaVita received additional funding this year, with the help of 270 million US dollars and the Department of Justice and Criminal Affairs on corruption charges. Denver's case also forced the company to pay more than $ 380 million on injustice in the summer.