Daily small exercise to prevent knee arthritis

Daily small exercise to prevent knee arthritis

Knee arthritis is a disease that causes headaches in many elderly people and seriously affects their quality of life. The following daily exercises can effectively prevent or relieve the symptoms of knee arthritis, and elderly friends can do it according to their own physical conditions.

[] The knees are slightly curved, so it is better to have no pain in the knee joint. Quiet and silent, with both hands in the air, look straight ahead. Every 10 minutes or so, do it once a day in the morning and evening.

[] The feet are shoulder-width apart, and the knees are about 130 degrees below the knee, for 10-20 seconds. When the lower limbs are sore, hemp, and swollen, Stand up slowly and breathe naturally. One group every 10-20 times. Those who are weak can practice against the wall.

[High body squat] Both knees are on the bed, the waist is kept upright, and the hips are sitting back as far as possible, trying to reach the heel. Practice before going to bed in the morning or at night.

Daily exercise to prevent knee arthritis

[Sit back and raise the leg] It is supine on the bed, and the leg is lifted by about 15 degrees. It can be kept for twenty or thirty seconds at the beginning of the exercise. After a period of time, gradually increase each time according to your own situation, about 3 minutes is appropriate. The left and right legs are made 3 times for each group, and 3 groups are continued.


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