Curves Dressing to Eat

Curves Dressing to Eat

Why does malaria continue to increase from power?

We know that it is obese
causing us to get heart attack + high blood pressure + diabetes +
sleep. It causes the risk of stroke and other illnesses. It makes fun
on our life and what we can do in our body.

Yet nothing changed.

Despite what we know at all
and the cost we spend, we are getting sick as well.

I hear some information
while traveling yesterday and something click.

We do not need more knowledge
or more programs or extra fees. We need a new one.

The method of eating this
It helps to address the health problems we find

As people, we want
agree. We want to work with it. We want to agree with our ethnic groups. As such
we do what is expected. We do what we see in the book.

  • Go to school.
  • Get a job.
  • Get married.
  • Are kids.
  • Buy a house.
  • Make pizza.
  • Eat dessert.

Living a bad lifestyle
be an example.

Check around. Walk in
store store. Joint menu search. View the markets. Pay attention to what
some people speak.

It does not deny that what has become impaired
what is best for us.

Do it next to this. It is entirely agree you will be asked …

  • Why do not you drink?
  • Do you eat everything?
  • Do you have a dessert?
  • Do you need a cup cup?
  • Do you make sure you do not like bread?
  • Will not you be hungry?
  • Would you like to do that?

It is entirely unacceptable you will be asked …

  • Why do you eat three pizza meals?
  • Why do you have a glass of beer?
  • Why are you eating?
  • Why go back to the restaurant?
  • Do you make sure you love some smaller ones?
  • Why did not you order the salad?
  • Will not you be full?
  • Do you make sure you do not love smaller?

What if my eyes are
has turned and healthy health has been okay?

Is the challenge for you?

Do what is best for your body
+ your life + policies.

Become rebels. You do not have it.

Dietary food.

"Punk is: personal confidentiality information that comes from things that will develop with human behavior to think and to ask questions; a movement that allows the ability to deal with the social nature of ignorance by ignorant ignorance. It is like a human being; a form of questioning and submission to understanding that results in self-improvement, and by repeated, flowers in evolution; some belief that this world is what we have done about it, the truth comes from our understanding of how things are, not from blindness to the pursuit of ideas about how things should; The struggle against fear of violence. "

– Greg Graffin (Bad Religion)

💙 Robyn

I created a way to stay healthy for the lives of women who want to hear visions and encouragement.

We will work together to dismantle the modern modes + and build the skills (and everyday) that we need to enjoy + movement + live well, every day – no matter how life's throw your way.

By teaching, you will increase your health and energy re-connect your dreams, goals, and experiences.

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