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Continuous Stay 101 | Nutrisystem Blog

Bad diet is not a new idea of ​​weight loss, but it becomes a hot change among many people trying to dump quickly. Hundreds of books, newspapers and social media are announcing "soon of fasting" as a safe and healthy way to lose weight. But does it work? Is there anything serious? What do experts say about it?

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Here are the facts to know before you consider yourself:

Somalis are self-defeatingSomali people eat easily the habit of eating habitat between fasting and eating. Some advocates recommend "another day" fasting, which means eating ordinary food for one day and a little or a little bit of food. Some suggest even two consecutive days of uncertainty, while encouraging other programs over time, to cut off all foods during certain hours of the day.

The overall goal of these plans is to protect your metabolism by heating it into calories and encouraging your body to save more. Different studies on efficacy in this method lose weight and other health effects Somalis are self-defeatingpublished. Many of them were created using both animals, but there are some human subjects. A team of nutrition experts evaluated all reliable research and shared their results The Nutrition and Food Academy. The conclusions were mixed together and resulted in good results and shortcomings:

1. Somali can help with weight loss.

"It seems like almost anything that can cause some weight," the statement said. Approximately 85% of the studies looked at the experts fastwhen they show the subjects they have experienced "limited weight."

2. There are other benefits & other health resorts.

The clarification is limited, experts remember, but they have improved the cholesterol level, blood sugar and swelling due to the fastness of the fast.

3. fasting people are hungry.

Participants study on humans, they report that they feel hungry very serious about their day or hour fast which is not surprising for most of us, scientific investigation will focus on studies of some sense of the sun not falling even eight weeks in fasting.hungry

4. The boat is not good.

"Research has not done so far since it has not shown that fast pace produces a high level of weight compared to normal levels, limiting calculation of weight distribution," the report said.

It's always hungry how to get it

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A rapid weight loss can be confusing, especially when you want to spend money on a special occasion, such as a wedding or holiday. However, the fastest way is to present serious barriers to the loss and to protect the excess weight.

Healthy foodThe loss of weight loss demands a constant frequency. This is possible for those who are particularly strong, but it can be difficult for many of us and we busy daily life and daily activities into our regular food challenges. Cutting and discharging of the fast pace can lead to "bicycle weight" – speed and availability of pounds at a time. "Bicycle bicycles have been shown to increase the potential for future futures and have been linked to the increased risk of metabolic syndrome & heart disease, overall heart disease and quality of life," according to a report. about the future lost weight loss published in the magazine, BioPsychoSocial In medicine.

Good news: Weight loss weight does not require fasting or even for your own food. The key, according to researchers healthy foodwas reported International Newspaper, is the selection of good food and the control of the area. Simply stick to eating a variety of nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, green protein, minerals and bones, as well as healthy fats as part of an equal diet form, leads to long-term healthier lifestyle ah

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Is it a familiar method? That's because it is logical and easy Nutrisystem program. Enjoy a variety of meals a day, and you still lose weight. You do not need to skip meals or feel nervous. Actually, just opposite-you Nutrisystem food and snacks, you do not feel so far away. You will find the ultimate satisfaction of your look and feel as you forget about days when you think it is when you eat it – this is the beauty of the Nutrisystem-led lifestyle!

What do you expect? Start with your weight loss Nutrisystem