CMS will pay medical care for patients by home health care

CMS will pay medical care for patients by home health care

CMS issued the final directive on Wednesday that allows local doctors to pay Medicare to care for patients.

Home security is expected to begin in the next few years as baby Boomers continue to retire. Car drivers allow you to collect information about the health of patients in the field and the study shows the results of a break-up service, which can lead to the best care and good results of health.

"This last national health rule focuses on the needs of the patient and not overly," said CMS Administrator Seema Verma, in a statement.

In 2016, approximately 3.4 million people in Medicare received home health services and plans to spend about 18.1 billion naira in domestic health services.

In addition, subscribing to patients, CMS will begin to pay a reasonable budget for the production of other medicines. The law provides for the needs of homeowners as well as health, safety and safety plans.

In addition, to continue to provide the necessary steps, CMS finishes the launch of seven steps from the Health Promotion Plan which includes as much as anti-antibiotics during dry season.

The government also approved payment,

a]Medicare, health care agencies, 2.2%, in 2019, or $ 420 million. This is more than 2.1% or more than $ 400 million in original.