CMS denies North Carolina's plan to pay debt

CMS denies North Carolina's plan to pay debt

CMS on Wednesday approved the Medicine Medicine in North Carolina to switch to care, but denied the state for additional federal funding to pay medical attention.

North Carolina authorities have demanded a $ 45 million loan to attract doctors to remedy Medicaid's drug debt and health insurance plans. But CMS says it does not have enough information to support the request, according to a statement on its site.

The state can review the reports in its production and submit the request to stop consulting on how to deal with any minority risks received by CMS, the agency said.

North Carolina said the funds helped to assist doctors, OB-GYNS, doctors, psychologists and health care professionals at the highest level.

CMS also denies the need for the state to present its requirements for revenue on the Medicaid medicine. All of the measures taken for the elderly elderly of Medicaid, but the state has never made a law to expand Medicaid.

In addition to the state's commitment to the state, CMS agreed to a state-based proposal to address humanitarian problems through the pilot to improve the ECM approach, with a grant of $ 650 million this program. Under the demonstrations, sellers will recognize and deliver the number of people who are important to the use of Medicaid and determine specific services that are designed for human needs.

These additional services may include many home-based services, such as assisting home-based accessors to life or offering modifications to footballer, virus disorders or disorders or low air.

Other good works include food production after hospitals and transportation to markets, shops, and social networks, such as churches and parks. CMS grants $ 650m to pay ECM payments by 2024.

North Carolina is the first time in the country to install a program like ECM vehicles in Medaid's medical treatment system, according to CMS.

"When we are looking for a healthcare provider who offers a good gift, we have to do all the things that are happening without the care and health of the health situation. ", said CMS Administrator Seek Verma in a statement.