Cleveland Clinic to increase the salary to $ 15 per hour by 2020

Cleveland Clinic to increase the salary to $ 15 per hour by 2020

Cleveland Clinic plans to increase its earnings from "most" to $ 15 per hour in 2020, President Goodluck Jonathan announced on Wednesday.

For the first time in January, the price of $ 1,900 will increase to $ 14 per hour. After that, in 2020, the cost of making $ 39 would increase to $ 15 per hour for 2,900 jobs. Usually, those who feel that they are increasing are those involved, even one, such as food service, patient transportation, doctor, meeting with others. The highest federal rate is $ 7.25.

This process is crucial in the increase over two years because it has a "very expensive," but it does not affect the cost, says Eileen Sheil's spokesman.

"As most of the activities in North Ohio and the second largest state in Ohio, Cleveland Clinic is responsible for guiding and assisting in the planning of health and health services," in heard Mihaljevic in his announcement, published on

It only applies to employers, not contractors, Sheil said. It was not at the same time related to the Cleveland Clinic Union hospital, which was purchased in April and was working to get into the system.

In 2015, the hospital provided a cost of $ 12 per hour and repaired to almost 15,000 "carers" – a term used for all employees. Also, the rising rate continues to take over, Mihaljevic writes.

"In addition, we want our coaches to enjoy respect and respect for them, and so on," he said. "A new Office of Care and Care collects all of the texts and entries from everyone at Cleveland Clinic to improve workplace environments and address issues relating to problems and stresses. including them with pay and benefit not only soft but also sound in northeastern Ohio. "

Mihaljevic also showed home-based medications: At the beginning of the week of 2018, 93.6% of new residents live in northeastern Ohio, with 59.4% from Cuyahoga County and 18% from Cleveland.

Hospitals are "an important part" of the area, Mihaljevic writes, and when they are healthy and financially, they can restore and enhance their communities.

"Growing our greatest salary shows our faith in our employees and their families, and in the community," he said. "It's like who we want to be a team."

"Cleveland Clinic to increase the salary to $ 15 per hour by 2020"originally came out Crain & Cleveland Business.