Cleveland Clinic-Commercial Trade Can Reduce Silos & # 39; between doctors, dental and publishers

Cleveland Clinic-Commercial Trade Can Reduce Silos & # 39; between doctors, dental and publishers

Light, bright, 485,000? The building on the main Cleveland Clinic school has a very important goal: to change health education as we know it.

Participating on 11 hectares, the collaboration between the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Western Reserve is based on budget and time. They are invited to honor the free gift of the free gift in the summer, Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion at the Western Reserve Institute of Health by collaborating with the Cleveland Clinic, which will be open at the time summer of 2019.

The CWRU clinic is more than half a joint venture for $ 515 million.

The new tool will bring students, professionals, professionals and professionals under one roof to strengthen the teaching of interdisciplinary and caring for groups that are becoming more important in the world.

"I want to do it as part of the Parthenon on Acropolis," said Dr. James Young, Senior Scientist at Cleveland Clinic. "Today is a great learning center focused on physical delivery and you feel that giving health and care is because we are trying to focus on the medical, nursing, tooth, al & They have lived in the past, focusing on how we can interact in the best way through education. "

The program, formerly headed by Dr. Toby Cosgrove's Hospital and CWRU President Barbara R. Snyder, was about to build a new building facility, said CWRU spokeswoman Chris Sheridan.

"But after the plan began to build a clinic, he added that if we want to strengthen the partnership and reduce the cost," she said, "the best step to take is to reduce the problem In fact, the walls between buildings build their students in one place where they will interact regularly in class and in social and social contexts, so they will know each other well and understand what skills and knowledge and goals and the ways in which each industry has, and how they can help. "

At the beginning of his studies, the Center for Health Studies consisted of four buildings, one for each CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, CWRU Dental Medicine Center, and Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing in CWRU.

But in the end, the leaders decided that the four buildings would protect the small areas where the school was trying to break.

Instead, four schools stood at the four corners of one building, near the main indoor house that went from floor to floor. Chris Connell, a clinic coordinator, called this "living house" style, where students could gather to study or use them. Running the courtyard has four hours of learning lessons and care centers.

It is also built on Chester Street, a professional memory complex, a 126,000-meter-long meter site where students can treat patients under the toothbrush.

All locations are designed from the Foster & Partners link. The Center for Health Research was disrupted in October 2015. The malaria center broke down in October 2017.

Design in all Health Care Center & # 39; a great house; It has full finishes, a lot of natural light and a wide range of rooms for flexibility and growth.

"One of the things we want to do with the buildings is trying to leave such an easy way for the health training training future," Connell said. "No one knows how health will continue in the future. So it is important that education, which is important to you, is important."

They have created space for advanced technology in the future.

"I want to say that players are not, but I want to say that they are the future," Young said. "People ask," # 39; how) do we know what the future will be? The answer is, So, if you create the future, you will know what it is, so we offer it. "

Already, the building will have technological tools for education and communication in the buildings and elsewhere in the city, says Young.

For example, the Center for Health Research will be less international. Anatomy, which is administered by therapists, with medicines, is used to be used by the fact that is sensitive and encouraging, such as Microsoft HoloLens from Microsoft. The Center for Hospitality,

signed by Zygote's Zygote Health Center, to improve the mathematical system of the clinical clinic.

Cadavers will be available to students in some places, but leaders do not expect them to use them in the future, Connell says.

"They can see in the technology, what you can not see with your eyes," said Ben Vinson, CWRU provost and vice president. "So this creates an opportunity for students, once they leave this experience, to be the best programs for both: for medical and health care services, but also for health care human being with signs at work where he was born in the 21st Century. "

The building also expands the ability to study the distance and enables schools to devote world studies, says Young.

Additionally, many students who come from other countries to learn in the building will return with them "ways to educate," Vinson said.

Youngest youth is a new way of health education. When watching what is done and what the CWRU clinic does, there are "differences".

"We do not have a product, we created a product," he said.

Vinson said this project was the "Cleveland's" Craft in the area, known for the world for its health professionals. He hopes that he will attract students and teachers from around the world.

"And I think that while examining what Cleveland really is, we are in Case Western Reserve providing a solution in the fact that we value the health status not only in its own time but also in how it works learn, learn, "Vinson said. "And this will be a new thing and has built the city right now."

"Cleveland Clinic-Commercial Trade Can Reduce Silos & # 39; between doctors, dental and publishers"originally appeared in Crain & Cleveland Business.