Classic and cool Paleo mashed cabbage

Classic and cool Paleo mashed cabbage

Mashed potatoes are behind the paleo menu thanks to this elegant and yummy change! Well, it is not quite correct, as it uses cauliflower instead of potatoes. But I think you'll agree that you can not explain the difference after trying it and that you can actually prefer these, YUM!

A Good Change Replacement

Unfortunately as I leave potatoes potatoes when it's always, I'm very happy when I understand how such a cauliflower is. By blending it with the other ingredients in this recipe, it produces a text that matches the classic mashed potatoes. The main differences are that cauliflower has a small carb and is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that will help to protect your health. (1) Cauliflower is best for you as a whole, contributing to burning in your body and providing you with vitamins and vitamins. And when it is used to make potatoes potatoes & # 39; like this? It is very good tasty.


The other ingredients used to play an important role in producing this diet with all the foods so I must give them a loan. If you have ever eaten potatoes with garlic in them, then you know how delicious and addicting can be. I'm glad to report that they have a similar effect on this recipe. Almondan Almondan and Ghee add them to complete the texture as they provide the benefits of their health for all the vitamins and content contained in it.

The Versatility of Cauliflower

It is worth mentioning that the cauliflower not only makes one means mashed potato replacement. There are different ways I have to use cauliflower in any of the relatively pale palettes. Did you know that the processing of cauliflower florets and made a good alternative to rice? They are also very good in casseroles and can be used to make a small cottage cottage. If you're worried about leaving your favorite paleo food, you will be surprised how easy it can be downloaded in a simple way such as cauliflower.

Thank you for cauliflower, so I can stay and enjoy the daily cuisine of my mind. Potatoes Potatoes & # 39; The meat is such an embarrassment that will be embarrassing to avoid enjoying it, especially during the coming winter months and difficult situations. It's time to stay and enjoy such a delicious meal.

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