CHS news agency closed 10 hospitals this week

CHS news agency closed 10 hospitals this week

Knoxville, Tenn.-based Tennova Healthcare, part of Community Health Systems, will cover two hospitals Tennessee this week.

Doctors in Knoxville and Lakeway Hospital in Morristown will stop working on December 28.

Tennova announced plans in October to close two areas, showing programs to improve home-based centers and local doctors after reducing the number of medical requirements for the clinic. According to Modern Health Centers, one of the places, Lakeway, has seen a total of 10,158 hospitals ranging from 10,158 in 2014 to 5,602 last year.

Tennova has been investing in two years, both Powell and Farragut. These two activities are expected to be completed this summer.

Tony Benton, president of the Tennova Health Organization in eastern Tennessee, said in October that "strengthening our communication network and pursuing new ways to bring them out is crucial to meeting the needs and choices of consumers. and today's health and support the way our doctor wants to work. "

Medical services have moved to the north of Knoxville Medical Center, Turkey, Turkey, and even more doctors and physicians have returned to these areas, according to a statement.

And most of the people in history have come from the local medical clinics, not only because of their work as former St. St. Hospital. Mary's Catholic needs her and is close to the needs of home and home needs, but also because of a 14-bed hospital facility – there is no hospital in Knoxville.

Local media reported that Patient Advisers were concerned about patients who benefited from doctors of 14 medical doctors. Tennova closed this group in November.

Ann Metz, spokesman for Tennova, told the Knox News News Agency that the part of the department had stopped and that all patients had "completed their plans."