CHS avoids loss in fourth quarter

CHS avoids loss in fourth quarter

The National Health Centers have raised 12.9% of the total earnings in quarterly expiration of December. 31 to 3.45 billion dollars, from 3.059 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2017. Additional funding for Brentwood, Tenn. mainly about 328 million US dollars to continue operations, compared to the loss of 2.013 billion years.

The sales store dropped 0.5% in quarter compared to one year earlier.

CHS's officials say they hope for further development next year.

"In the year 2018, our business leaders have continued to progress in various areas such as our health, cooperation, market status, and how to work," said Wayne Smith, President and CEO in a report. "In 2019, we believe that we have the opportunity to continue to apply these policies to provide steady growth, and to continue as we improve our system and reduce our debt."

Looking forward to the one year, the 2018 revenue rose by 7.8% from 2013 dollars to 15.353 billion dollars. CHS lost $ 788 losses of global commodities, an increase in revenue losses received from 2017 of 2.459 billion dollars.

CHS completed 11 sales in hospital in 2018 and sold 3 in 2019. The company closed three in 2018.