Chocolate Sweet Chocolate

Chocolate Sweet Chocolate

Creamy, rich, famous and beautiful. Cheese Canned Chocolate is a very beautiful and effective treatment for summer heat. Squeeze coconut, or enjoy fruit and smell, this is a winner. If you let the refrigerator cool to make it hard, it is best to add bananas, to influence the rich and fruity. If you like delicate soft frozen bark and everything chocolate, give a simple moisture of moisture.

Exercise. Heatwave weather. Three numbers. It's good. Because, Ice cream. (And fro-yo.)

I've actually had a romantic romantic dance, quickly fed up with a gym. It's a fast pace and has a beautiful structure.

How do I do? I have the ability to fully cool and fully cooled and ready to put in the refrigerator. Then I mix the simple ingredients of my Vitamix, pour my engine and tired. Softener serves the ice cream ready for less than twenty minutes. Or you can mix the dryer in the refrigerator to keep it long, and it is good for the control.

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Go back to the chocolate.

Add a grade! And as we mentioned, after having fro up the refrigerator's knees, it works really and doubts. But that quality is best suited to the tea pot of chocolate! It's a soft soft and soft soft and soft softening exercise.

Here's a simple shower:

2 Frozen banana
1 nut butter (but)
1 cubic feet
1/2 cup Cheese Dried Chocolate
1 cup milk is not popular
red salt salt

Collect and use spoon.

Take the chocolate frozen yogurt below the …

Hope you are happy, the sunny summer!

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Kathy Patalsky

Published 07/23/2018

Chocolate Sweet Chocolate

A rich and varied DIY Dessert is a very rich summer, creamy, without milk. Coconut base.

Its contents

  • 1 full wet milk, fully frozen
  • 1 frozen dessert
  • 4-6 ice cubes
  • 5oz yogurt is famous
  • 1 Tbsp agave syrup
  • 2-3 Tbsp kacao powder
  • salt pinch
  • Option: 2-4 Tbsp chopped salad


  1. Open the coconut milk completely. Put the white products in the sun in a substance. Throw out the remaining water.
  2. Also add blender: banana, ice, milk, salt, agave and pumpkin. Squeeze as long as it is equal.
  3. Leave your yard. Throw and pour the stuff. Allow it to add 15-20 minutes, or until it is difficult. Add chocolate pieces.
  4. Use it immediately, the soft service system. Or put on a cooler refrigerant container and let it go as far as you wish. Enjoy!

Yield: 4 weight

Time Preparation: 00 hours. 05 minutes.

Time to cook: 00 hours. 15 minutes.

Time of day: 20 minutes.

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Are You Not Much? The top food requires soft frozen, but if you do not have and want to use a blender like Vitamix, I would recommend a sample test: chocolate candy – To make FroYo version, non-dairy milk with yogurt or bake non-milk.

* Mineral Vitamix

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