Chickpea Feta Burgers – Slender kitchen

Chickpea Feta Burgers – Slender kitchen

Chicken chicken that is easy to make and destroys flavors of cheese, carrots, and spices. These are real sweet veggie pirates.
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You should try these Chickpea Feta Burgers the next time you like green vegetables. Made with a combination of chicken, feta meat, carrots, shallots, and oregano – these burgers are packed with flavor. Serve with some Crispy Turnip Fries or Carrot Carrots.

I have a bad habit of spending too much money on veggie thieves in the store. My whole family loves them, and it is our home to go out for lunch and dinner. Even my two year old super guy loves it. However, they can be expensive. So far I've been experimenting with making experts in my home, such as these at Apple Burgers. But my favorite is this version of & # 39; feta cheese & # 39; and chicken.

The taste is somewhat inspired Greek feta and oregano, carrots, but it can add a sweet touch to counterbalance each other. I mean anything with cheese feta tastes good in my opinion, but these are seriously. If you really wanted to take it to a Greek place, consider adding red pepper and baking oil. Yum.

One more idea! This veggie burger is especially good for light yogurt soups. I am made of classic Greek yogurt, lemon juice, lemon juice, fresh dill, and a touch of garlic. It is easy to get along with the perfect cream for this pumpkin. Then pack everything into a burger with your favorite veggies and dinner is ready.

How to Make Chickpea Burgers

The key to making a veggie burger really good is making sure you get the right consistency with the veggies. While some people do this with a fork, I find that the best things to do with burgers include the cookware. In addition it is easy to let a production device do it for you.

  1. Add poultry, carrots, cheese, bracelets, oregano, and eggs to the food processor. Mix until well combined. It should be a shiny bottle.
  2. Keep it away from the food processor. Add the breadcrumbs and mix well. Add more if the burger product seems to be loose.
  3. Make a wildflower odor mix.
  4. Put the chicken stock on a plate or baking sheet and keep in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. This helps the corridors to coexist during cooking, especially when recording pipes.
  5. Cook in a saucepan over a hot container for 4-5 minutes on each side. Rotate when white and blurred.

How to Cool Chickpea Feta Burgers

These stores can also be made ahead of time and frozen for future fast food. I like to cool it individually and then toss and heat in a pan so they are nice and stable. They can be chilled or cooked, but I cook them often so if I need something fast I run into them in the microwave.

Here's the best way to stop veggie burgers from being overcooked and those that haven't been added yet.

  • Unlocked routes: Start by clicking on any extra moisture with a piece of paper towel. Just slowly push the news down. More humidity can cause tubes to fall apart when the snow is frozen. Then place the baking sheet, covered with plastic sheet, and place in the freezer. Let cool for 3-4 hours until frozen and firm. Then place it in a safe bag or freezer. Burgers will not stick to this. Burgers can be cooked in the freezer.
  • Cooked routes: The most important thing is that the tubes are completely cooled before cooling. Once fully cooled, follow the same instructions as above. Burgers can be gently cooled in a skillet or microwave.

Burger chicken with tomato, lettuce, and yogurt sauce on top of plate.

Recipe Ideas for Chickpea Burgers Chicken

Consider this as a basic cooking of vegetable florists that you can modify as you enjoy cooking.

  • Make them old: If you can not get enough flavor, add some red pepper, dough, or cayenne pepper pellets. You can also put in some burgers, sliced ​​jalapenos, or beans soup.
  • Change spices: These burgers have oregano, but you can use rosemary, thyme, basil, dill, or other dried herbs. You can also try something different with curry powder, stem herbs, turmeric, or even something similar to Any Bagel.
  • Try a different cheese: For soft selection, try using goat cheese. You can also make them with a crust with a crust, a pepper coat, or Swiss.
  • Make chicken lime: Whatever the difference, make these chicken beans instead of whole gravy. This is a good option for children.

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Believe it or not, canned tubers can have different levels of moisture. This can vary in marks and sometimes just the same, some chickens may have absorbed a lot of water during the cooking process. This means that sometimes a veggie burger will be good for some and for some people. If you see xarkahaaga veggie does not have, try to add some more bread to have accountability. The file, if you see a pipe to dry, then you can add a little water or more eggs.

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