Chicken Saltimbocca – Slender kitchen

Chicken Saltimbocca – Slender kitchen

Saltimbocca chickens light up! This snack has the flavor of their favorite traditional restaurants without the fats and calories needed. It is very tasty.
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Chicken Saltimbocca Health Chicken brings together chicken, lemons, and vaccines, which are always a good thing. In less than thirty minutes, you can make this dish at home restaurant quality. Serve with some Parmesan Roasted Broccoli or Masul Cauliflower.

This quick and easy dinner can be my new favorite meal, especially because it feels sweet and tasty as something you would find at a restaurant. Did I mention it is ready in less than 30 minutes? This is the best type of week to eat in my view. Full of flavor, easy to prepare, and something everyone will love. It will also make unusual food for a special occasion or date night as it feels special. Prosciutto I just think.

Speaking of & # 39; prosciutto & # 39 ;, it is something I often write about in the past as it is unfortunately very high when it comes to fats and sodium. However, I have recently started to use it in my diet as it adds a lot of flavor. It looks like bacon, but I considered it a bit easier. You also don’t need much of it to really attract more flavor.

One more story before digging this recipe. I have been working in the summer for more than 10 years in the coastal city of New Hampshire. We had all the usual seafood on the beach – lobster, fish, fried pork, and then we had a chicken saltimbocca. It was a surprise on the menu (encouraged by the owner of his favorite restaurant) and at least once a night I found myself explaining what it was. Many times, people choose something more popular, but every time someone orders it, they end up licensed on their plates. This being said, even if you haven't heard this before, please write injections. It's really good.

What is Chicken Saltimbocca?

This classic Italian dish means "jump in my mouth" and it can't be a better name in my opinion. The central ingredients of each salt dish are prosciutto, sage, and light orange soup. You start with a thin piece of chicken, pork, or pork. The protein is stimulated with salt, pepper, and oil. Then it is wrapped in prosciutto and cooked until the chicken is well moisturized and the cardamom is even better. Then the spots are turned into a pan with lemon juice, chicken broth or wine, and herbs. Simple and sweet.

Chicken Saltimbocca in a skillet wrapped in psychology and lemon juice.

How to make a Saltimbocca Chicken?

This is one of those recipes that may seem scary and intimidating at first, but it's really really easy to make. Plus it takes less than thirty minutes.

  1. Prepare Chicken: To make this recipe, you need thin, thin pieces of chicken. Otherwise, the program will burn the chicken and chase it inside. There are three options for this. You can chop the chicken breasts into thin, thin slices using a pencil. You can also cut half the large chicken breasts directly to make two thin slices. Or you can buy chicken cut chicken at the store. They are slightly more expensive but they are already cut good and thin.
  2. Season with chicken: Add chicken stock to salt and pepper, be careful with salt as the ice is already salty. You can also add some garlic powder, onion powder, or other spices that you like.
  3. Add sage: The next one comes in handy. Traditionally, all of the foliage leaves were laid on the chickens. You can also cut the roots into roots for a more uniform option. Another option is to use dust in a dry filter.
  4. Wrap the chicken: It is now time for you to chickens duudduuri cream. It should be sliced ​​into a thin piece of paper and wrapped tightly into the chicken breast.
  5. Cook the chicken in olive oil for 4-5 minutes on each side. Lower the hose to start so that the snow does not fall off the chickens. Remove the chicken and set aside.
  6. Make the sauce from the mix with lemon juice, chicken broth or white wine, and garlic. You can use fresh garlic or garlic powder. Some people also like to add shallots and a touch of butter. Scrape all the cooked parts into the pan, where all the flavors are, and reduce the sauce.
  7. Pour the chicken over the sauce.

The concepts of the plate

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