Cherish health and stop drinking

With the advent of high temperatures, beverages have become the favorite of everyone. However, drinking more drinks will have an adverse effect on the body. Here are some of the seven major hazards that the drink can cause to the body.

1. Drinking more drinks can cause damage to the kidneys.

The kidney is the most important excretory organ in the human body. The most harmful substances produced in the human body are urine through the kidneys. The form is excreted in vitro. Beverages often contain a lot of minerals, additives, pigments, preservatives, etc. These substances cause damage to the kidneys and increase the risk of kidney stones.

2. Drinking more drinks will cause harm to the stomach of the human body

When a person drinks a large amount of drink, the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract will contract immediately, causing the blood flow to be Very little gastrointestinal, blood flow becomes less, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction, and even lead to stomach cramps, gastritis, stomach pain and other diseases. In addition, it is easy to cause bloating and diarrhea.

3, the drink will also cause damage to human teeth

The various additives, flavor enhancers and organic acids contained in the drink have strong corrosion to human teeth. The effect is that it will damage the protective layer of the tooth enamel on the surface of the tooth. If the enamel is damaged, there will be symptoms such as soreness and pulp disease.

4, affecting the normal intake of various nutrients

We know that all kinds of drinks on the market are almost all sugary, which will make people’s blood sugar after ingesting human body. Elevation, which in turn makes the central nervous system of the human body feel full, but this kind of water level caused by the water substitute for the drink rises, and does not eat, that is, “satisfaction”. After a long period of time, it not only affects people’s appetite, but also affects the normality of various nutrients. Ingestion.

5, beverages can not quench their thirst

Besides containing a portion of natural juices, most of the beverages are flavors, pigments, preservatives, although these food additives are more stringent Standard, but after entering the human body, it also needs to consume the body’s water to help metabolism, which makes people feel “more and more thirsty”. It is obviously impossible to be beneficial. Moreover, if oral inferior drinks are taken orally, it may endanger health.

6. Increasing the risk of diabetes

A survey of women who followed for 8 years found that people who drank 1 or more sweet drinks a day were less than 1 drink per month. People who are suffering from diabetes will double their risk. Moreover, even those who do not gain weight by drinking sweet drinks still exhibit an effect of promoting diabetes when the body mass index and the daily intake energy are completely the same.

7, easy to lead to childhood obesity

Children who especially like to drink beverages often have polarization in physical development: either chubby or very thin. Everyone knows that eating more sugar will make you fat. The carbonated beverage has a sugar content of about 10%. A 355 ml carbonated beverage has a sugar content of about 40 grams. When you consume two cans of carbonated beverage a day, it has 320 kilocalories. For three consecutive months, consumes an additional 28,800 kilocalories, which is equivalent to an increase of 4.1 kilograms of fat.