Character Interpersonal | Which of the nine characters best match?

Character Interpersonal | Which of the nine characters best match?

Character Interpersonality| Which of the nine characteristics is the most Match?

How to use personality type features to build an efficient team?

In the usual course and business consulting, I often encounter such questions–

“In the nine-person personality, which personality is best for me?”

“How to use personality type features to build an efficient team?”

“Mr. Li, I listened to your class, I know that I am a X personality type, you said me What kind of personality type partner is better?”

After learning the personality type of personality, people often ask the above questions, or people often bring similar confusion and expectation. Come to learn nine personality.

You may have heard of the following “experience”. Among the nine characters, A and B are perfect match, and two people will be happy when they get married. C and D are not matched. If they get married, they will not be able to get together. They will fight for divorce and start a business. Can this be true?

In my opinion, no matter what you learn to be grounded, you must start from reality. Overview of the real society, pay close attention to us, we will find that any two of the nine characters have a happy marriage, and there are also fights for divorce. Any two personality entrepreneurship cooperation has success. In the case of listing, there are also bankruptcies. In this way, how should the nine personality differences and the matching of different personality types be understood and applied?

According to the interpretation of the personality pattern of the nine types of personality, people’s personality types are divided into three levels of “class-type-state”, namely category, model and state.

Character Interpersonal|Nine Characters Which two characters match the most?

Category – Model – Status

Character” Categories and models are difficult to change, both of which are influenced by innate factors, such as heredity and acquired factors, such as the native family environment before the age of three. But the “state” of personality can be changed and adjusted. In other words, the personality factor that determines whether people can live in harmony is not what kind of personality, but what kind of state we are in a certain personality type. The state of personality is divided into three levels: “transcendence state”, “normal state” and “morbid state”. So, it is important to recognize what kind of personality we are, and it is more important to adjust our character to a healthy transcendence.

Of course, in addition to studying the health status of personality, the nine-type personality pattern will also study the stress and relaxation of personality, which is one of the core features that distinguish it from other personality theories. . Therefore, I often joked that the purpose of learning the personality pattern of the nine personality is to become a “perverted” person – a person who changes his personality.

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