Catholic Health Centers to sell the Arkansas insurance plan to Centene

Catholic Health Centers to sell the Arkansas insurance plan to Centene

A few years since he was first informed he wanted to leave the insurance company, the Catholic Medical Association sold the Archbishop of Arkansas for the QualChoice program to Centene Corp.

The companies have not yet identified any terms of the agreement, which must be approved by the parties. This agreement includes the QCA Qualifications Scheme and QualChoice Life and Health Insurance Co., owned by QualChoice Holdings.

CHI spokesman could not comment, and Centene did not respond. Originally Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported on Juma # 39; a.

Unauthorized profit CHI is trying to promote its health status through QualChoice, called the Prominence Health, for many years. QualChoice has implemented plans in seven states. CHI found a company in Little Rock in 2014 but in May 2016, she announced that she wanted to leave business after trying to gain profit.

This year, CHI reported a medical company who had suffered from injury before it took $ 85.4 million, $ 85 million. While looking for potential buyers, CHI conducted a successful job for QualChoice, reporting that the company had a good job of EBIDA before recovery, illness and other 8.6 million US dollars annually in the year ending its expiration date. June 30, 2018. EBIDA's CI was $ 892.2 million. income reached 222.1 million dollars in 2018.

CHI said in the September 2018 report that it had entered a non-binding trademark of the QualChoice business in Arkansas, although it did not mention a salesman at the time. CHI sells Medicare Riba contractor in Washington to the Prelera Blue Cross in 2018.

St. Centen Center Louis is suitable for Medicaid and ACA medicines. The price reached $ 828 million in 2017. Last week, Centene announced the purchase of a large building at the University of Torrejon de Ardoz in Madrid, Spain.