Cancer cells are hungry, what is the scientific anti-cancer diet?

Cancer cells are hungry, what is the scientific anti-cancer diet?

To mention cancerous tumors, most of our impressions are that the face is yellow, thin, weak, and weak…. Indeed, many patients are in “Don’t eat, can’t eat” Because of the fear that supplemental nutrition will promote the growth of cancer cells, I am willing to be hungry and not to eat. So, if you get a tumor, can you not supplement your diet?

When! Of course! Do not! Yes!

Tumor patients can not only eat well, and should eat well,Because eating is also important for cancer treatment component! Strong

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There are data showing that malnutrition rates are as high as 70% to 80% in patients with gastric cancer, intestinal cancer and pancreatic cancer in China. About 22% of patients die directly from malnutrition. In other words, they did not die because of cancer, they were “starved to death” by themselves.

Tumor cells are “hungry” and not dead. The ability of tumor cells to compete for nutrients is very powerful compared to normal cells. Even in the late stage of the tumor, when the patient has difficulty eating, the tumor still consumes the skeletal muscle of the body in the form of vigorous glycolysis, competing for nutrition from the patient’s body and damaging the immune function of the body. In other words, tumor cells do not stop growing because the patient eats less. Even if the tumor patients do not eat or drink all day, the tumor cells can still grow wildly.

Tumor cells are hungry, scientific anti-cancer diet eats What?

Excessive hunger, the first damage is normal cells and tissues, once malnutrition occurs, the tolerance of subsequent chemoradiotherapy will be worse, complications will occur, Poor prognosis and short survival time. Therefore, patients with cancer should eat normally to ensure the normal nutritional needs of the body.

Research shows that the metabolism of tumor tissue and normal tissue is different. Normal tissue uses fat and amino acid as the main energy source. Most normal tissues acquire energy through aerobic decomposition of sugar when they are aerobic. Anaerobic glycolysis is carried out in the absence of oxygen. The tumor tissue uses glucose as the main energy source, which can be used for anaerobic glycolysis and poor utilization of amino acids and fats. Tumor tissue is mainly free of oxygen glycolysis to obtain energy even under aerobic conditions.

Tumor cells are hungry, scientific anti-cancer diet eats What?

Scientific anti-cancer diet, what to eat?

Food that helps strengthen nutrition and maintain weight

As with the average person, cancer patients also need a balanced diet, each The daily diet should include foods such as grains and beans, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, and poultry, fish and eggs, but it must not be “big supplement”.

Food that helps to increase resistance and reduce side effects

Specially, it is our country that has “taboos” The folklore, the so-called “fat” refers to food that can cause relapse of old diseases or new diseases, such as bean sprouts, leeks, goose, chicken, dog meat, seafood, etc. Although many patients want to eat, they are worried about causing tumor recurrence, and they are far away.

In fact, this understanding is wrong, the scientific nature of “fat” has yet to be verified, perhaps for allergic diseases or some sores In other words, it has a certain meaning, but whether it can cause tumor recurrence, and there is still insufficient evidence. At least so far, no cases have been identified that cause tumor recurrence due to consumption of “hair”.