Cairo signing sign

Cairo signing sign

Although one year and a half since they called for an agreement to integrate, it could not shake the scandal performance.

In a report released in the year released by the Securities and Exchange Commission this week, Anthem said that the law enforcement officer was formerly Joseph Smith's former president, Joseph, who was in charge of their work in prison. $ 54. with Cigna.

The suspect alleged that Anthem had reportedly had a meeting that could increase the number of tests in the hospital when he knew that he would finish the competition and that he could not make any adjustments.

In a statement, a spokesman of the Anthem spokesman said that the company's leaders and the corporate corporations believed that the case was "unreliable and unfair."

"He continues to make health care and the most difficult for all American people, and is aware that Cigna's production will increase the number of consumers for healthy health."

The Magistrate Magistrate Court in Indiana claimed that Anthem knew he had entered the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield Association without "protection" because he had reduced the amount of money. installed will be downloaded from the outside of the network of the Blues. But he has kept hidden from the government, Jamaica and Cigna, in order to deceive them into thinking that the meeting would be the winner of the competition, he alleged.

"The suspects know that their photos are scary because of the bad opposition to the Blues, and because they want, whenever Anthem loses it, put it here again, Cigna, to eliminating a competitor, incorrectly antitrust laws, "he said.

According to the prosecutor,

allegedly seduced Anthem's and his property. A federal judge signed an agreement in February 2017 for the competition, and Anthem and Cigna called the agreement in May 2017. It is now designed to link with Express Scripts.

Two observers are suffering $ 1.85 billion and 13 billion dollars in damage. It was reported that Anthem had all agreed that one would break the agreement agreement. They were set to trial in February 2019, according to SEC filings.