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Books From Strength | Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

Most of our regrettable choices will be made while we are feeling stress, frequently, or pressure …

  • The $ 200 shoes you bought (ON SALE !!!) after a severe day.
  • The boat through the burger + fries + shakes instead of eating dinner because the children are pushing you on the side (for HAUSA time of the week).
  • The second wine beer because, "Come, you just live once!"

If you know you will be worried about HANGRY at the end of the day, decide what to eat ONE TIME.

This means buying some food on Sunday that only needs to be serious – or use a food delivery service – or export some quick food.

If you know you will start out early in the morning (AGAIN) and you can look like a muffin, maybe you start using the night grains caught.

Whenever possible, decide IN ADVANCE, when you feel comfortable + and strong + firmly + if you can.

Prepare + prepare when you are in BEST. So everything you do is kill.

XO ~ Robyn

Drinking with one partner with me? It will be a great honor to work with you when and when the time is right.

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