Blues, AHIP Calls to Protect Difference In HRA's Last Hate

Blues, AHIP Calls to Protect Difference In HRA's Last Hate

Two health care organizations have warned the federal government that an alarm plan to expand the tax-free system can not result in an expense on the market.

United States, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Healthcare Programs required that participants not allow themselves to use health care programs to purchase a health-care schedule. will not follow the Good Care Act or shut down the people with the previous conditions. The proposed law does not agree with the HRA in relation to the health statistics, but the federal authorities need the right to determine whether the constitution should be appropriate.

The US Health Programs, which are most likely to receive new subsidies received by firms and employers under the proposed legislation, commented that the success of the project was based on earnings can be able to make use of valuable money. Explaining non-discriminatory forms in the HRA government or the use of the HRA to purchase a short-term plan could result in the highest price in one market, the group said.

"Allowing HRA to connect with (insurance insurance) insurance will open the door for the project that replaces the coverage prohibited from discrimination in the environment that has already existed with the coverage that could charge additional because of the past or disagreement, "AHIP wrote. "It can also lead to a huge increase in the market market support market in which states are provided for both HRA and # 39 employees."

That's because health care has dropped out of registration for short term, while most expensive people have been involved in most business markets.

The constitution, which was launched by the CMS, Ministry of Labor and Trade Center in October, would allow many consumers to provide a health insurance account for the purchase of insurance. in the market one of January 2020. HRA has a financial account and has the most commonly paid donations for health services.

The proposed legislation will also allow them to pay different types of HRA, paid up to $ 1,800 a year, which they can use to pay hospital fees and a short term or short term. According to the Reuters news agency, some entrepreneurs, insurers and governments issued the first order warning that the law would allow them to reduce their health costs by sending them to # 39. , the work of the elderly and the sick on the one market, by taking a budget for those signed there.

The Blue Cross and the Blue Shield Association, representing the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield private sector 36, joined the AHIP at the request of the Federal Government to provide the opportunity for their staff members to participate in the program. short-term "causes the risk of increasing one market and increasing the volume of prices."

The Blues also asked agencies to take care of "plans" including the proposed legislation that would address the risk that the health care plan would be transmitted to patients with save the price. For example, the proposed legislation prohibits us from doing so by doing one thing, such as temporary work, weather or even temporary services, all of which are health of HRA and human health. Those who take over those who choose to offer the HRA must submit it to the same for each and every one in a party and may vary the amount depending on the age of most people trust.

But the Blues have suggested that the Board of Directors run away from the other in accordance with the age and submission of minorities who may be members of the party to avoid them. share their health services and eliminate them from the healthcare plan.

"Without the protection of the constitution, it can have a positive effect on the marketplace because of the tremendous potential for some consumers to break down and encourage their greatest participation in the marketplace. , "the Blues report.

AHIP also asked the authorities to use relevant sections of the local area, which could be used to distribute their health services: "They should be based on their own interests. have a good relationship with work, instead of anything that can be directly or indirectly related to the risk of health. "

Both joint ventures have suggested that the federal government delay its constitutional process in more than 2021 so HRA can be structured and properly implemented.