Become a Healthy Consumer | Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

Become a Healthy Consumer | Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

At times I struggle with reconciliation and advocacy advice and the fact that I help women lose weight.

You can honor your body and as well Want to change it?

The answer is very important. More than ever.

If I do not believe that this is true, there is no way I can do this work with dignity.

Due to a chronic illness and appreciation for what our bodies are doing For us is an important element of goodness.

In her book Beauty Sickness, Renee Englen, Professor of the University of Northwest and the head of the Society of Journalism and Lab, and in a very positive way showed the plague of malaria, perception and appearance, and how it affects or affects most women in the United States.

The use of science and interviewing women, young and old, and from every aspect of life, reflects such anguish. The stories of these women are worried and new ones can see myself (particularly young) in most of them.

But Renee not only left you without seeing any of the terrible things he was doing, well outing some helpful steps and solving the problem.

1. Functions on the process. When we stop studying how we focus on appearance, it's very good. Instead of focusing on what we (or others) look like, it does not matter what our bodies can do (eg loved ones, looks very good, singing, walking, walking patterns).

How to care for your body is by shaking it, by being thankful for everything he has done for you.

2. Do not hate. Please do not listen to those who say you must ignore how your body looks to spread morality. These are not the ones that are eliminated by any scientific information.

3. Ask a variety of questions. How do you want the world to be different if you leave it? What kind of person would you like to be? What do you want to remember? Probably not a great abs. Let the answers to these questions have a bearing on how you spend + money + energy.

4. Media. Do not consume media messages about good body. Even show TV, Instagram Foods, magazine magazines, books – if it sends something unbearable, drawing a picture, do not look at it and do not think about it.

Recently I have set up Instagram's products that include only people + that enhance the productivity and inactivity. The activities that are mine and inspiration. Life changed.

Instead of fighting the virus after you've got into your system, change what you consume.

5. Physical Fitness. Try not to talk about the body, especially in the presence of children. Each time we complain about the body, we encourage those around us to do so.

"If we humiliate our bodies, we send a message to others that it allows them to do so."

6. Praise Praises. When praising people, try not to pay attention to the appearance.

This is HARD.

We are included to praise the appearance. What is happening is a study that suggests that even a "positive" word makes the person more receptive.

"This shirt is good for you," reminds him who knows he is being accused.

Instead of praising the appearance, praise of the character, what they did, those in the heart.

"Anything that attracts a woman to the appearance of her body or causes her to feel as her own organism can lead to shame."

I would say, I found this book hard to read at any time. It's a challenge. It causes. You need to review your deeper beliefs and attitudes.

But – if you are ready, it can also be very strong for healing.

XO ~ Robyn

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