Beaumont has built a mental health clinic for about 45 million people in Dearborn

Beaumont has built a mental health clinic for about 45 million people in Dearborn

Beaumont Health and Medical Center The World Health Center will build a $ 45 million hospital in Dearborn dedicated to mental health services.

"This is the first," said the US representative, Debbie Dingell, on Monday, at Southfield Health Headquarters.

Beaumont's health care centers have already begun with the UHS in Pennsylvania.

They develop 100 meters of equipment near Beaumont's Dearborn 63 Hospital, the leaders announced on Monday.

Dingell, Democrat Dearborn, who advises the national health care system, highlights the importance of ministering to victims, worries, use of equipment and other mental health issues that are problematic. to tell about the health of traditional medicine. She spoke during the announcement of Monday, with President Beaudo and President John Fox and others.

The profit-making company incorporates a new third-party initiative to help coordinate regional health departments, including new hospitals, new educational training programs and expansion of the current programs and care for the carers.

Its earnings will be about 70% in 30 percent in the division between UHS and Beaumont. But UHS will pay for the construction of a new hospital, says Diane Henneman, vice president of the UHS region. She will also conduct a regular routine.

Henneman and Lee Ann Odom, chief of Beaumont University, Taylor are monitoring efforts.

Architectural structures were set up in the next year on 8 acres of vanity from 18101 Oakwood Blvd. campus. This facility was organized in early 2021. It has 87 beds and is up to 150 while operating.

No hospitals or partners have names. The hospital will be leading the leadership of a joint venture team next year, said Henneman.

The contractor has not yet been selected as well as the contractor.

The company's news agency will expect 59.1 million dollars in the area. The estimated cost of income was 99.4 million dollars on markets and experts in southeastern Michigan.

Many Beaumont health services – for elderly people, pediatrics and blood patients – will be encouraged to be hospitalized. He currently has 87 beds in three health clinics at the hospital in Taylor, Royal Oak and Farmington Hills, Odom. Royal Oak, however, will continue to provide medical services – about 12-18 patients every day – but 30 hospitals will be moved.

The new hospital, Beaumont, will assist those in need of treatment for cardiovascular disease, as well as medical care services. The use of antibiotics can be offered there for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Officers on Monday specially mentioned the crisis crisis.

The hospital will work with emergency facilities and provide 24 hours a day. UHS and Beaumont want to compete with those who need special services to visit emergency facilities, Odom says.

These patients are locked in ER until they are placed in the center and experience to provide the services they need.

"In today's nine emergency rooms we are struggling," Odom said. "We believe that it is best for a patient if we have special skills, special skills, and care in different groups, to coordinate and care for care and care and ways."

In Taylor, for example, Odom estimates that about 12 patients a day can wait for switching from an emergency to the appropriate center and waiting for days. The structures on emergency parts and those who need health care skills are written.

"It's a piece of land, is in every ER in Michigan, and it's less, but we say we will not get anything unless we do something great and different," Fox said.

More opportunities

Beaumont Health / UHS
New hospitals are expected to maximize the power of Beaumont's health, says Fox during the conference.

"What we did was good, but it will not be the way you want it now and not the future," Fox said after the meeting.

The joint venture company needs more than 300 medical staff, with about 300 employees, almost half of them being new. The rest will come from Beaumont hospitals.

Also, under joint ventures, two organizations are planning to prepare new Beaumont training programs, expanding the day's program and overseeing their exit.

The hospital will build multidisciplinary organizations including psychiatrists, medical doctors, specialists, specialist doctors, psychologists, psychologists, and other psychologists. and a hospital, according to a news source.

Beaumont has taken over a new medical clinic for himself, Fox said. But the UHS is "a national player" who has special skills that can make "better and better," Fox said. Odom said the UHS also brought big seats to the construction.

This plan could include opening up emergency emergency centers in some areas in southeastern Michigan, Odom and Henneman, but more information depends on the initial use of the first weapon. Beaumont is planning to prepare telemedicine programs, using technology to provide health care. He also wants to continue to develop specialized training, including Beaumont's medical doctor's degree and psychopharmacology.

World Health Organization employs more than 200 health hospitals across the country, many under a joint partnership agreement with Beaumont. It has more than 350 locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.K.

It has four locations in Michigan, based on its website: The Havenwyck Hospital in Auburn Hills, Skywood returned in Augusta, Cedar Creek Hospital in St. Johns and Forest View Hospital at Grand Rapids.

Mental health benefits the health and health care of health care providers as well as the potential for mental illness in Michigan. The 2.6 billion-billion-dollar health plan is a matter of intense debate on trade, cooperation, and the right way.

Nearly one of the top five children lives with a mental disorder, according to the Center for Health Care Studies. About 44.7 million people were diagnosed with ill health in the year 2016.

Governor Rick Snyder approved the proposal in 2016 for a mental health care program, which administered a paid international healthcare plan, with a medical system of $ 9 billion, which Private HMO is conducting. This plan was created, and the future of health care,


including lawmakers and the Michigan governor.

In addition, most mental health care professionals in Medaid Medicine in southeastern Michigan are adapting to a change over the last four years from the Ministry of Health and Human Services. MDHHS has dropped the state of Medicaid funding to three jurisdictions in southeastern Michigan – Wayne, Oakland and Macomb – by over 5 percent a year since 2013. Michigan health authorities think the state has reduced to $ 100 million .