Barack Obama was present while seeking an appeal

Barack Obama was present while seeking an appeal

The Federal High Court in Texas, who launched the Mental Health Law earlier this month, confirmed his decision on Sunday, seeking a call to appeal. He writes that the law should be a place while the court is paying the court.

The U.S. District Court, Reed O Connor has ruled Obama as the national law, as well as the Democrats'

parents are doing, they are defending the law, & # 39; the Republican Republic who challenged him and the refusal to defend him.

Connor said "American citizens will often face uncertainty" if he does not allow the ACA to stand at the time called.

The court will approach the US Supreme Court of Appeal.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Connor expressed his confidence that the bench would seek to accept his suggestion that he could not be excluded from the other laws.

"If the judiciary involves ignoring unpublished manuscripts – the scripts are written to find out what their representatives have done – to illustrate what the judge believes the Congress intends to do, but No, the policy can be implemented by judges and legislators, changing the political agenda without any law, "Connor said. "This Constitution does not agree, the Supreme Court does not consent."

Connor's Law Dec. 14 is the only decision on whether a person has ignored the Constitution, which means the Democrats can not make a quick call. But California Attorney General, General Xavier Becerra,

in the defense of ACA, asked judges to state ACA status, or donate, so federal and state governments could implement the law, or to make decisions so that they could make a call.

The GOP governing body of the state and the National Board of Directors acknowledges that there is no substitute for change in the law by law, and Connor should make the decision as well. gives peace.