Bai Xian story: kindly to treat the injured hedgehog, he has added a big fat boy for years of infertility

Bai Xian story: kindly to treat the injured hedgehog, he has added a big fat boy for years of infertility

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White fairy story: kindly to treat injured The hedgehog, who has been infertile for many years, has added a big fat boy. The moon is rare, the breeze is coming, and Liu San strolls on the trail of the back mountain, sighing while walking, remembering his own experience. It is a slap in the heart.

Liu Sanjia lived in Luliu Village, where he worked as a farmer. In his early years, his parents were sick. In order to earn money, he did the work of painting. It was a few years later. Later, his parents passed away. He introduced his wife. Xiaomin, the two loved each other, and soon got married, but two or three years of marriage, Xiaomin’s stomach is also no movement.

Anxious Liu San took his wife to the hospital for examination. Only after learning the painting work for many years, he was exposed to chemicals for a long time, so that the quality of the sperm was not high, and he basically lost his birth. Ability, maybe there will be no children in this life. Hearing the news of this blue sky, Liu San was shocked, regretted, painful, and mischievous. He did not know how to get out of the hospital.

The unwilling couples have traveled all over the world in the past ten years. The hospitals of all sizes have gone through it, and the recipes of various ancestral ancestors have also been tasted, but there is no effect at all. After the savings, the disheartened couple can only return to their hometown. They have no hope for nearly forty years. Perhaps they can only live together in this life.

For so many years, my wife never complained about him, nor did he listen to the divorce of the in-laws, but the wife’s eyes are always deep when she looks at other children’s children. Deeply stabbed his heart, although his wife said easily every time, what good is raising a child? Pulling and urinating still running around, growing up, but also worrying about getting married and having children, or we are good, the two are full of family and not hungry!

Liu San is only echoing with his voice. In fact, he regrets it very much, and he feels very guilty about his wife. This feeling of powerlessness has always irritated him and his heartache.

Every day after dinner, Liu San likes to stroll on this trail and enjoy the quietness of a person. Only here can you release the pressure. Liu walked on his side and thought about it. Suddenly, the voice came from his ear. He looked down and looked shocked. A bunch of white things lingered on the side of the road. He turned on the flashlight. It turned out to be only white hedgehog, meat. Whirring, I picked up and found that one of the hedgehog’s legs was folded. The little guy looked at him pitifully. Liu Sanxin was stunned, put it down and ran home, took medicine and bandages, and took the hedgehog. The legs are tied and placed in the grass, screaming, “You should go home first, I will change the medicine for you tomorrow, remember not to run around, be careful to be taken away!”

In this way, for seven consecutive days With the hedgehog dressing change, the hedgehog’s leg will soon be better. It will slip away when he nodded to Liu. The stinging state was awkward and he was amused. He shook his head and went on a walk. He didn’t take this. Things are on the mind, just let it go.

After half a month, the couple were having breakfast. Suddenly Xiao Min vomited and ran outside to retching for a while. Liu San’s concern, what happened? Is it a bad stomach?

Xiaomin looked at him with a strange look and stared at him. After a long time, he said slowly, my husband, I haven’t come for a few days.

Liu San asked silly, what happened then? Is it ill? Do you want to see a doctor?

Xiaomin licked him, and said with uncertainty, the moon did not come, and retching, seems to be the symptoms of pregnancy?

Liu San’s face doesn’t believe, don’t make a joke, let’s eat so many years of medicine, and we’re not good, how can we be inexplicably pregnant?

Xiaomin gave him a look, ran into the bedroom, took two test strips to check, and Liu San shook his head helplessly and continued to eat.

After a few minutes, Xiaomin screamed and ran out, excitedly handing the test paper to Liu San, Liu San curious look, stunned, two bars, so many years of testing On the other hand, he was the first to see two bars. He understood too much what this meant. This is what he thought about and dreamed of. He dreamed of it countless times. Now he is really in front of him. It is.

Happiness came too suddenly, but there was a sense of unreality. He took a few deep breaths and forced himself to calm down. Facing his excited wife, he shuddered and said, “This test strip may not be allowed.” We can’t be too happy too early, Xiaomin, we hurry to the hospital, do a detailed check, hurry up!”

The couple rushed into the hospital with excitement, when they heard the sentence from the doctor’s mouth “Congratulations, you are happy.” Liu San stayed for three seconds, rushed out of the house, ran to the corner of the building and wowed, and the feelings of depression for so many years suddenly broke out, so that he could not accept it until he could not accept it. The wife ran out, hugged him, the two cried with tears, the desire for the children, the guidance behind the neighbors, the bleakness of a hundred years later, the pain that had been pressing in the bottom of my heart, finally vanished.

Shoudeyun opened the moon, ten months later, Xiaomin gave birth to a fat boy, weighing seven pounds, Liu San holding his son laughing and closing his mouth, the pro-son’s son was full of saliva, small Awkwardly white gave him a look.

The good guys asked what was going on, the couple were also full of fog, and later the village’s Yin Yang said the reason, Liu San’s life was too heavy, and this life coincided with chemicals. Originally, there was no child, but the road to the sky, Liu Sanxin, rescued the white hedgehog, got a blessing to produce a child, I am afraid it will be difficult in the future.

Liu San knows the reason, but does not care. A son is also very good. They will give all their love to their sons and raise their adults.

Liu San inadvertently treated a hedgehog, but the hedgehog brought him a blessing, and everything is alive. Being kind to them is to be kind to ourselves.